Listen! Types of Air Ventilation You Need to Know

By | January 1, 2022

Kinds of Air Ventilation – Have we ever thought of the following questions:

  • Is the air circulation in our house already smooth?
  • Does every room in our house have air ventilation? Such as the living room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Have we checked and made sure that each room already has air ventilation?
  • Are you sure that every part of your house has healthy air? Characteristics of a healthy home air is neither humid nor stuffy. And all these characteristics will only appear if our house has a good air ventilation system.

Why do some of the questions above need to be thought about and answered?

Because there are some people who tend to be ignorant (ignorant) with air circulation and ventilation problems at home. Even though home ventilation has a very important function, because it will make the air at home healthy.

In addition to functioning as a means of air circulation, actually home ventilation has other important functions, you know! What’s that? That will be able to beautify the appearance of your home. That’s right? I’m sure you will all agree on this.

Now just try to imagine if a house has very minimal air ventilation. The only ventilation available is the main door at the front and back of the house. The rest consists only of concrete walls! So, how do you feel when you see it? Surely the house will look boring right?

You can choose the home ventilation model that best fits your home design style. Various types of ventilation models have their own advantages.

So, to be more precise in choosing the most appropriate home ventilation model, let’s look at the following types of air ventilation.


1. Nako, Glass Ventilation Type

Listen!  Types of Air Ventilation You Need to Know
Illustration. Photo by : Gjames

When choosing ventilation used in greenhouses, Nako wants to be a very good choice. Although the existing designs are almost similar to jalousie or blinds, the existing materials are certainly different.

The ventilation system is flexible because it can be adjusted to regulate the air cycle. For this type of ventilation, in8 is widely used for minimalist homes that have a natural natural concept. Talking about the price, this vent is more expensive than the others.

2. Ventilation Blinds or Jalusi

Listen!  Types of Air Ventilation You Need to Know
Illustration. Photo by :

For ventilation, this one has a segment that is fairly wide to be used as a means of entering and leaving air. This model is very familiar and is widely used by room designers.

With wood materials, this type of ventilation is fairly classic. Although wood is not the main material, some use aluminum when making it.

Jalusi has a very simple model, unlike the blinds which are quite unique and also have their own characteristics. For a minimalist home, this type of ventilation is very suitable to be installed.

3. Boven Ventilation House

Listen!  Types of Air Ventilation You Need to Know

For both traditional and modern housing, this boven ventilation is the most familiar to use. With a design that is integrated with the window or separated, it is the preferred choice.

It’s not just the type. Various forms that exist can also be adjusted as desired. Types of boven air vents include round, square, triangular, or other shapes.

Although most are made of wood, this type of boven can also be made of glass. No wonder this ventilation is suitable for ventilation in the bathroom, which makes the air cycle smoother.

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4. Mechanical Ventilation

Listen!  Types of Air Ventilation You Need to Know
Illustration. Photo by :

This type or model of ventilation has a mechanical style and is usually used for more open spaces. Although the open space does not mean that we free up ventilation, this air cycle tool is still needed.

Usually this mechanical ventilation is installed on the walls of the room, both the main room and the middle.

With a two-way work including expelling air and circulating air, of course it’s no wonder the size is bigger. Usually this ventilation requires greater electricity as well.

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5. Ventilation Losters

Listen!  Types of Air Ventilation You Need to Know
Illustration. Photo by : Shopee

When you want to have home ventilation that has a natural impression, then loster ventilation can be an option. The design you want can be ordered when choosing this type of ventilation.

Even some of the existing designs are quite unique. Usually this loster ventilation is added to the corner of the house so that it adds to the architectural value.

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The models are very diverse, making the choice of sizes that can be adapted to the design of the house. Not only bathrooms are suitable for this ventilation installation, private rooms can also use this type of loster ventilation.

This type of air ventilation can of course be adjusted to the wishes and benefits that exist. The more precise the selection of ventilation, of course the air cycle will be more leverage. Be sure to find out what the advantages and also the uses of each existing ventilation are so you don’t choose the wrong one.

Hopefully the information above is useful. Don’t forget to stay tuned for the next interesting article! ️