List of New Companies in SPSE (Electronic Procurement System) or Companies that have not been Registered in SPSE

By | March 9, 2022

To be able to participate in the auction through the Electronic Procurement System (SPSE), first the public (the general public including the company that will become the provider) must register to become a provider. Registration is done online

Before we register our company on SPSE, we first create a company email, this email is the main requirement for online registration on SPSE

On the SPSE main page, click the ‘Provider Registration . menu

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Then the Provider Registration Page will appear. Fill in the company email address in the Email address column, Fill in the security code then download 2 Registration Forms and Participation Forms. Then click the ‘Register’ button

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After that, if successful, a notification will appear that the next step has been sent to the email address entered

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Open the email that was sent to us The following is the content of the email which contains a follow-up referensi to continue registration, click on the referensi to continue the registration process

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Next, the referensi will go to the spse4 page and the partner fills in the completeness of the registration data, fills in all the provider data. Click register

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After clicking register, the provider data will be verified by the verifier and activated by the user id and password. After registering online, the provider verifies company data on LPSE Offline, brings company data and a filled registration form

After being verified and approved by the verifier, the provider’s user id and password can be used to log in to SPSE. for filling provider data and others we will review in the next article

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