Learn How to Play the Piano With These 6 Android Apps

By | December 14, 2021

This Android piano tutor app is ideal whether you are a beginner, or an experienced player who is honing your skills.

Whether you want your kids to learn the piano or try it out for yourself, there are quality piano apps available today. It’s not the simplest instrument to learn, but your smartphone can help you learn about keyboard keys and read sheet music.

While an app is not a complete substitute for learning from a professional, you can still benefit from a piano app. This app has tutorials, lessons and recordings that you can use to improve your skills.

Here are the best Android apps to learn piano.

Piano – Learn Piano

The Piano app is for beginners who want to learn piano and experienced pianists who want to practice their favorite songs. This app has tutorials from professionals who will teach you everything you need to know about the piano, and help you play your first song.

The interface is easy to use, with detailed instructions to keep you on track as you learn. With the on-screen touch keyboard, it’s easier to play the keys and learn piano notes. Cheers and applause after playing a song properly also motivates you to practice with more songs.

You can choose between acoustic or digital settings, or use the MIDI wired piano setup if you have a physical piano. Piano has fun playing to make practice more fun and improve your sense of rhythm. The premium version gives you access to all tutorials and exclusive songs.


flowkey is one of the best apps to help you start your piano journey. It features several beginner courses, music reading lessons, and how to master chords. The course includes detailed videos to help you better understand each step.

You can choose from a wide selection of songs to practice and help you play better over time. Songs are available with musical notes and piano keys to learn how to read sheet music and improve your technique.

With flowkey, you need to have your own piano to practice songs and read sheet music as you play. While the free options will get you started, you’ll have to pay to unlock access to over 1500 songs and step-by-step courses from beginner to pro-level.

Download: flowkey (Free, in-app purchases available)

Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Teacher is a fun app to learn everything about playing the piano. It features lessons, games and leaderboards to encourage you to play better and learn more. You can also access your recordings to see your progress over time.

With the Real Piano Teacher app, you can connect your USB MIDI keyboard support for learning with a physical piano. If you don’t have one, you can use the on-screen keyboard instead.

Learning mode gives you a more interactive way to help you learn how to play, and lessons can be downloaded offline for listening any time. You also get step-by-step help along the way as you learn about the keyboard, where to put your hands, and the important keys you should know.

Piano by Yousician

With this app, you can use the piano or the built-in keyboard. Guides will give you the skills to play your favorite songs and learn at your own pace. It’s easy to remember what you’re learning with a beautiful interface and soothing voice to guide you.

Piano also has weekly challenges for all levels of users to compete against. Reaching goals and earning rewards will help motivate you to improve your piano playing skills. To unlock unlimited lessons and songs, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano offers a simple interface, where you can learn to play the piano while enjoying playing with other players around the world. You can choose from songs preloaded in the app or download your favorites online.

This app has an on-screen keyboard with audio instructions which is great for learning the piano. You can change everything from chord mode, double row mode, and even use two player mode to study with friends.

Simply Piano

With Simply Piano, you can learn how to play the piano with hundreds of songs and exercises to suit your level and preferences. Set up your profile, then you can set goals like learning to read sheet music, playing chords, or learning the basics.

The courses are interesting, and they use the on-screen keyboard to practice every day. Most beginner courses are available for free, but you have to pay to access premium features like pop chords, songs, and real-time feedback. You also get access to multiple songs and can create multiple accounts. Some of these features are available in other apps on this list for free.

Download: Simply Piano (Free, in-app purchases available)

Learn How to Play the Piano on Your Phone

Whether you’re serious about learning the piano or want to make it a hobby, this Android app can help you. They are designed to be easy for both beginners and experienced pianists to learn and practice.

This piano app is handy with an on-screen keyboard or compatible with a USB MIDI cable for use with a physical piano. Piano by Yousician, Flowkey and Piano – Learn Piano has the most friendly interface to keep you excited about your class and progress.

If you are looking for interactive games with friends, the Perfect Piano app will be for you. With the tutorials available, you’re sure to learn a lot about playing the piano from an app, and we’ve also covered The Best Free Online Piano Learning Site if you intend to visit it.