Latest Facebook Messenger Camera Tricks

By | January 2, 2022

Facebook Messenger has been updated and has some new camera tricks for you to try. The social network has added new Boomerang and Selfie modes, added support for augmented reality stickers, and added tons of holiday-themed filters and stickers to help you stand out from the crowd.

New Facebook Messenger Camera Tricks

Messenger’s first new trick is Selfie mode. This lets you take portrait-style photos, with your face in focus and the background blurred. Facebook has designed the Selfie mode to offer the perfect angle and perfect lighting for your perfect moment.

Messenger also now has a Boomerang mode. For the uninitiated, Boomerang videos are short videos, which play forwards and then backwards. Boomerang was popularized on Instagram, so this is definitely a case of Messenger stealing from its sibling.

You can also add animated and interactive stickers to your photos and videos. These are the same stickers you can use in text chats. You just need to press the Camera icon next to the sticker in the chat to add it as an augmented reality element.

This new option means Facebook Messenger now has five different camera modes to choose from. There are Normal, Boomerang, Selfie, Video, and Text. You can easily switch between the five thanks to the new UI also inspired by Instagram.

Hold down the Gallery Icon in your Attachment to Send a Selfie

One of the most hidden and straightforward Facebook messenger tricks is to send Selfies or get Selfies of your friends without editing or stylizing poses. For that, just open your Messenger, open a friend’s chat, and go to the left side of your message box. There, you can see the “+” sign, camera icon, gallery icon, and joystick icon. Tap and hold the gallery icon for more than 3 seconds.

This Facebook magic trick will open your front camera. And, remember, releasing the handle from the gallery icon will result in sending an unexpected click to your friend. You can have fun with your friends by using this simple Facebook messenger trick.

All Facebook Apps Now Do The Same
With Facebook having Messenger and Instagram, it’s definitely trying to align the two apps more closely. This creates a consistent experience, which helps users instinctively know how to navigate the UI and how to use features as they are added.

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