Kinds of Kindergarten Toys that are Safe and Functional (Educational)

By | May 5, 2022

Kindergarten or TK is an educational institution that is synonymous with playing. Naturally, children at the age of kindergarten all activities are still playing. However, the game is directed at stimulating the brain to develop properly. Therefore, the type of toys for kindergarten children must meet this need.

As many people know that the golden period for children is 0-5 years old, the type of toys given must also be appropriate. Kindergarten managers must also pay attention to this if they want to choose toys. Kinds of kindergarten toys that are suitable for kindergarten schools have been sold on the market.

Important Aspects in Choosing Kinds of Kindergarten Toys

Given that kindergarten children really like to play, it is only natural that Kindergartens provide various suitable and fun play facilities for their students. However, there are several important aspects in choosing this type of toy.

The following are some aspects that must be considered by school administrators:

Security Aspect

It is appropriate that the security aspect is placed at the top. Consider this aspect of each toy that will be purchased later. Mitigation of playing accidents should be a concern for every school manager. The mitigation was in the form of an analysis of whether there is a potential for bumping, bouncing, swallowing or falling on any toys that are later purchased.

Instead, avoid providing toys with a high accident potential such as swings. Swing can be dangerous for the swinging child and the children around him. A young kindergartner doesn’t yet understand that when he stands near a swinging swing, he can bump into it. While swinging, there is the potential to be thrown. High supervision is needed when deciding to keep providing this toy.

Hygiene Aspect

Toys that have been purchased must be kept clean. For games that are outside, it is also important to pay attention to cleanliness. In addition to minimizing the potential for exposure to germs, cleanliness can also extend the life of toys. As is known, large toys are quite expensive.

For toys that can be washed, you should wash them regularly. Kinds of kindergarten children’s toys such as blocks, balls, and other educational toys have the potential to be exposed to germs due to the large number of children holding them. Also pay attention to the cleanliness of the storage area. Avoid excessive dust because it can cause respiratory problems in children.

Supervision Aspect

As mentioned above that security is very important. So, supervision when children play is the responsibility of the school 100 percent. To minimize playing accidents due to the minimal number of supervisors, don’t buy toys that need extra supervision.

For example, don’t buy small toys because there is a potential for swallowing or choking. Kindergarten children still have a tendency to put things in their mouths. It could be because of curiosity or also for fun. Give extra supervision to children when they are at recess and doing outdoor play activities.

Aspects of Land Availability

If the school’s outdoor area is not too large, then don’t buy too many toys. Toys such as swings require a large area. This is to support the security aspect earlier. When toys are available in large quantities but the space is narrow, the children’s mobilization is not optimal.

The narrow space of movement also often triggers fights among kindergarten children. Not all children use toys during recess. So, also provide an open space for children to do other activities such as playing hide and seek or just chasing.

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Choice of Safe and Educational Kinds of Kindergarten Toys

After knowing the important aspects in choosing the type of toys for kindergarten children, it’s time to provide these toys. Toys can be obtained from suppliers who specialize in selling kindergarten children’s toys, so that prices can be reduced. Here are the types of toys to choose from:


Kinds of Kindergarten Toys that are Safe and Functional (Educational)

Who doesn’t love this toy? All children will like it. There are even adults who like to play on slides, of course there are large slides in the waterpark. Kindergarten managers can choose this toy as a means of playing at school. Place the slide in a large open area and make sure there is enough space around the slide.

At the bottom of the surfboard, try to place a soft drop target. If placed outdoors, then you can use a synthetic grass carpet. If placed indoors, you can use a removable carpet that is also soft. This is to avoid the risk of colliding with the lower body which can be very fatal.

See saw

Seesaw is one type of kindergarten toys that are safe to play. Can be played by 2-4 children at once. This game is also quite fun for children because they can learn to manage their turns and cohesiveness.

In terms of safety, for small children, adult supervision is required. If there are two children on each side, don’t put a small child in the back. Besides there is a risk of falling, it will also be difficult later to press the seesaw down.

Swivel Bowl

Kinds of Kindergarten Toys that are Safe and Functional (Educational)

You could say, this is a favorite toy of children. Especially if there are children or teachers who volunteer to turn the bowl from the outside. The children in the bowl can spin without having to turn the controls. This toy is very suitable to be played while singing. In addition to getting used to togetherness, this toy can also be used for relaxation after studying.

Stacking Blocks

Stacking blocks are very suitable for indoor activities. The shape of the block can be a block with numbers, or a wooden puzzle in the form of an animal. This type of kindergarten toy can train children’s motor skills. With the disassembly system, children practice being careful and remembering how the previous puzzle looked like.

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Titian Board

This game is very suitable for the kindergarten environment. Active kindergarten children can learn to balance themselves. In addition, it can also be used to train cohesiveness with friends. The catwalk tends to be safe to play. However, continue to provide supervision because there are children who are fun and then push their friends who are walking on the catwalk.

Climbing Iron

Kinds of Kindergarten Toys that are Safe and Functional (Educational)

This toy is perfect for training children’s physical and cohesiveness. In addition, if it is painted in striking colors, it can also invite children to learn about colors. Although it is a climbing iron, this toy is considered safe. However, supervision is still needed so that all potential accidents can be avoided.


This traditional toy can be used as an educational toy in the kindergarten environment. This game is very useful for introducing arithmetic. In addition, it can also teach about sequences. This toy is a traditional toy that has been proven to still exist today. So, there is nothing wrong with making congklak a type of toy in kindergarten.

Kindergarten children’s toys are very diverse. In the selection, try to choose one that has good quality and is made from safe ingredients. Avoid buying used toys or toys with poor quality materials. Have fun playing!

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Thus the article about the types of toys for kindergarten children, see you in the next article that is no less interesting. Regards.

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