It’s like this, how to register a Grab Driver, let’s check it out!

By | May 1, 2022
It's like this, how to register a Grab Driver, let's check it out!

Do you know how to register a Grab Driver?

It is undeniable that the existence of online-based transportation has become a basic need for urban communities. One of them is the presence of Grab, a transportation application that is a favorite of many people in urban areas. On the other hand, for drivers, this online transportation is a solution to economic problems.

Many people want to know how to register for a Grab driver so they can earn extra income. That’s why I wrote this article on purpose, I hope it can be useful for all of them.

Grab drivers are divided into several categories, namely GrabCar, Bike, Express and Food. These four drivers have their respective advantages. In this article, we will discuss the advantages of each driver choice as well as the Grab driver list event. Hopefully, prospective Grabdrivers get an overview of what Grabdriver is.

Types of Grabdrivers and Their Benefits You Need to Know

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are four types of Grab drivers. These four types have their respective market segments and advantages. Here is a brief discussion.

GrabCar Driver

GrabCar is a Grab driver with a mode of transportation in the form of a car. The advantage that can be obtained when joining as a GrabCar driver is the flexibility of working time. The drivers themselves set the working time, tailored to the needs of each driver. This free working time can certainly improve a person’s quality of life.

In addition to flexible working hours, another advantage is that you can earn quite a lot of money. For a GrabCar driver, the possibility of bringing home an income of up to tens of millions of rupiah is very large. Moreover, Grab currently has a program called GrabShare, which is sharing rides for the same purpose. For drivers, this is very profitable because income is increasing with this program.

Because this type uses a car as a type of transportation, Grab provides accident insurance with a certain insurance limit. Then there is also the gold driver program which is a vehicle ownership program for drivers who meet the requirements.

GrabBike Driver

GrabBike driver is a Grab driver with motorbike transportation mode. For motorbike owners who want to have additional income, they can join Grab. How to register for a Grab driver, especially a GrabBike driver, is not difficult and is very much worth the benefits. This program does not discriminate gender, men and women can join as GrabBike drivers.

The advantage of being a GrabBike driver is the flexibility of working time. In addition, drivers are also free to decide whether to transport goods, documents or people. From an economic perspective, becoming a GrabBike has proven to provide additional income or even basic income for many people. If a driver is tenacious and diligent, it is possible to collect millions of rupiah in a month.

Like GrabCar drivers, GrabBike drivers will also receive accident insurance protection from Grab. The amount of accident insurance provided is a maximum of 55 million. This is a form of Grab’s responsibility as a partner to the driver. Drivers can certainly work feeling safe if there is protection like this.

Express Drivers

GrabExpress Driver is a driver to deliver goods or documents using a motorbike. The advantage of being a Grab Express driver is the flexibility of working hours, allowing drivers to set their own working hours. In addition, of course also a large additional income. Given that there are currently many online shops or marketplaces that use Grab’s services, the income can be even greater.

Regarding accident protection, GrabExpress drivers also get it. This accident insurance coverage amounts to a maximum of 55 million. With this protection, drivers in charge of carrying goods or documents can work comfortably and safely.

GrabFood Driver

GrabFood drivers are Grab drivers who deliver food to buyers by motorbike. GrabFood drivers are what people are most interested in when it comes to lunch time. Many office people use their services to meet their lunch needs. This is an advantage because the target market has been formed by itself.

Another advantage is that there is a sizeable income if the driver is diligent and tenacious in collecting orders. In addition, there is also accident protection in the form of an insurance policy of up to a maximum of 55 million.

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How to register a Grab Driver is quite easy, you know!

After knowing the types of Grab drivers, of course, prospective drivers can determine which type is suitable for the condition of the driver himself. How to register a Grab Driver is quite easy.

Here is the explanation:

Know the Requirements First

Each type of Grab driver has its own requirements. But a definite condition is to have a driving license, both SIM A and C (and must also have a STNK).

Smartphone devices with a minimum RAM capacity of 1 GB with a 5 inch screen are also a requirement to become a Grab driver. In addition, they also have personal identification documents such as KTP, KK, and SKCK (all of which must be still valid).

Regarding vehicles, both motorbikes and cars must comply with Grab’s criteria and must be in good condition. Especially for cars, they must have passed the KIR test and have a large capacity or type of MPV car. The age of the car is also a maximum of 5 years from the time of purchase. The maximum age for drivers is 55 years and must be in good physical and mental health.

Register Online Through the Grab Official Site

How to register a Grab driver can be done via a smartphone or via a PC (computer device). There is a slight difference in the appearance of the initial page on this Grab site. That is, between the display of mobile (smartphone) and PC/computer there is a slight difference.

I will first provide a page view on mobile (smartphone).

Please visit the following official Grab website:

After you open the Grab website, you will find it looks like the photo below (on your smartphone screen).

It's like this, how to register a Grab Driver, let's check it out!

Now pay close attention to the red circle in the photo above, please click on that part. A drop down menu will appear with the words “Be Our Partner” and contains several Grab partner modes to choose from. See how it looks in the photo below.

It's like this, how to register a Grab Driver, let's check it out!

Look closely at the 2 parts that are circled in red in the photo above, that’s the choice of the collaboration menu. Now it’s up to you to choose the “Car Driver” or “Bike Driver” menu. Of course you know best what your options are. 
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