Interested in Becoming a Courier? Let’s take a peek at this J&T Courier Salary System

By | February 22, 2022

J&T courier salary system – J&T is one of the successful new shipping companies in Indonesia. The number of J&T shipments even reached 3 million packages in a month. To send this many packages, J&T is supported by more than 20,000 couriers. With this many shipments, J&T continues to open courier jobs. Of course, this is interesting news for those of you who are interested in becoming a courier.

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In the midst of the difficulty of finding work, J&T with its rapid business development requires personnel to become couriers. This can be a choice of work for those who are looking for work. Then, how is the J&T courier salary system?

J&T and its Non-Stop Service, How Does the Courier Work?

Interested in Becoming a Courier?  Let's take a peek at this J&T Courier Salary System

J&T is known for its non-stop delivery 7 days a week. Even on holidays, J&T continues to deliver shipments to customers’ doors. To be able to do something like this, an expedition company must be supported by many qualified personnel and systems.

The package delivery mechanism at J&T starts when the seller asks J&T to pick up the goods or packages. J&T couriers will pick up goods and deliver them to the warehouse or J&T main sorting center. It is in this warehouse that the sorting of packages is carried out using a sophisticated automatic sorting machine. Packages will be sorted by address.

After being sorted, the package will be transferred to the J&T drop point which is generally located in every sub-district. From this drop point, the package is then delivered to the destination address. This process never stops and knows no holidays.

How come? Because J&T has many sprinters, which is the name for J&T couriers who are in charge of delivering packages. And also has many drop points that function as a liaison or hub from the sorting center to the customer. Courier working hours are from 8 am to 8 pm.

This drop point also plays an important role in the speed of J&T delivery. When the sprinter finishes dropping the goods to the drop point, the goods will be immediately sent back to the customer by the J&T courier. Goods are not stacked first, but sent immediately after scanning.

Then, what are the types of courier jobs at J&T?

These include the following:

Sprinter (Field Courier)

Sprinter is a courier in charge of delivering packages from the drop point to the destination address. This sprinter is on duty from 8 am to 8 pm. Sprinters can directly deliver packages from this drop point because all packages at the drop point have gone through the sorting process.

Sprinters will usually be tied to or attached to a J&T drop point. So each drop point has its own courier capacity and number of packages. It could be that one drop point and another have different number of couriers because the volume of delivery is also different.

Expedition Courier

J&T cooperates with several transportation providers to support the smooth delivery of packages. Couriers provided from these transportation providers are expedition couriers.

J&T Courier Salary System

Because the need for sprinter or courier personnel continues to increase, J&T often opens vacancies to become couriers. This job does look tough because you have to deliver lots of packages to various destinations. Not to mention if the terrain to the destination address is difficult to pass due to poor or narrow road access.

However, this challenge does not seem to discourage people from registering to become J&T couriers. The need for work and the job opportunities that J&T offers make all challenges seem natural.

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Then, what exactly is the J&T courier salary system?

Read more on the following information:

1. Basic Salary

J&T imposes a basic salary for all its couriers. The basic salary is in the range from 2.5 million Rupiah to the minimum wage level. Generally, currently all J&T couriers have received a basic salary in accordance with the UMR in their respective regions.

For couriers, this basic salary is an advantage. Couriers can get guaranteed salary every month. Not all shipping companies implement a basic salary system. So, J&T is quite good at providing remuneration to couriers.

2. Commission

In addition to the basic salary, it turns out that sprinters or couriers also get a commission. This commission is obtained from the number of packages that can be picked up from the seller and the number of packages that can be delivered from the drop point. The commission amount depends on J&T’s policy.

According to one source, the amount of this commission used to be 1000 per package sent. So, when you can deliver 50 packages, the courier gets a commission of 50,000. If every day the courier can deliver 50 packages, then in a month the commission can reach 3 million rupiah. When combined with the basic salary, the sprinter’s income is quite large.

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3. Gasoline Money

The courier’s gas money is borne by J&T. The amount also depends on the policy of J&T which could have changed when this article was written. What is clear, this gas money is one component of the salaries of the couriers.

So, the J&T courier salary system is that the courier gets a basic salary, commission from picking up and delivering packages and gas money. The value can be large when the number of packages being delivered is large. This is because the commission may be greater than the basic salary.

4. Bonus

All J&T couriers will receive a bonus when the drop point target is reached. As has been said above that the sprinter is attached to the J&T drop point. So, when the drop point where the sprinter is sheltered successfully exceeds or at least reaches the target, the courier and all drop point staff will get a bonus.

5. Fines

Being a J&T courier with a fairly large salary turns out to have its own challenges, namely the existence of fines. This fine will be imposed on the courier if the courier sends a package that does not pass the scan. The fine for this case is 10 times the postage borne by the sender.

A fine will also be imposed if there is a problem with checking the package receipt. When there is a discrepancy between the receipt and reality, for example on a written receipt that has not been sent, the courier will also be subject to a fine. The reason is, the customer will make a complaint to CS J&T and tracking will be carried out on who the courier is who delivered the goods that did not arrive.

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How to Become a J&T Courier?

How to become a J&T courier is quite easy because there are actually no burdensome special requirements. A person only needs to have SIM C or SIM A, own a vehicle, and be skilled in driving the vehicle. In addition, it requires high morale and also willing to work hard.

J&T often opens courier vacancies because the need for delivery of goods is getting higher. This is certainly an opportunity for those who are looking for work or want a part-time job. With a fairly good salary system, being a J&T courier is quite feasible for young people.

That’s a brief review of the J&T courier salary system. Another advantage of being a J&T courier apart from good remuneration is the good working climate. Each J&T drop point is known to have a family-friendly work climate and does not pressure employees. So, are you interested in becoming a J&T courier? Please register when the vacancy opens.

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Hopefully this article can be useful for all of you, especially for those who want to work as a courier.

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