Indoor plants that are easy to care for, suitable for apartments

By | January 3, 2022
Easy-care indoor plants – The less green open space makes some people have to suppress their desire to have plants in their homes. Especially for those who have apartments. What’s the reason? Because the apartment is a place to live with a very limited space, of course it is not possible to put various plants in it.

Well, now for those who have an apartment, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Currently, many people are starting to make plants as one of their room decorations. Various types of plants can sweeten the room, which of course will give a natural impression.

Here are 5 types of indoor plants that are easy to care for. This plant is also very suitable to be used as a display in the apartment room.

These indoor plants include:

1. Echeveria

Indoor plants that are easy to care for, suitable for apartments
Echeveria is a plant family that is still related to succulents and agave plants. This is because it does not like too much water. So that maintenance is easy because it does not need to be doused with water too much.

This plant is very cute from the shape of the arrangement of its leaves resembling a flower. Not infrequently those who use this plant as a gift for the inauguration of new homes and apartments. Because this plant is also very suitable if it becomes a decorative ornament in the corner of the room.

2. Aloe Vera

Indoor plants that are easy to care for, suitable for apartments

Aloe vera, a plant rich in benefits, has become one of the most favored plants as ornamental plants for indoors. It is easy to care for, just rinse with water once a week. The water needed for watering is not too much. Because this plant belongs to the succulent family, it is able to store water even though it is rarely watered.

In addition, this plant is able to be a natural air purifier in the room. This plant is very suitable when placed near the kitchen or dining room and near the workspace in the house. The green color also refreshes the eyes when a tired day at work.

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3. Coco Duck

Indoor plants that are easy to care for, suitable for apartments

Second, the cocor duck plant is the second favorite plant after aloe vera. Plants with Latin names are ornamental plants that are very suitable when placed indoors.

This is because it is easy to maintain. Cocor duck does not require a large place. Enough with a small pot, this plant can live very well.

In addition, this plant does not need to be watered too often. Because, cocor duck can store large amounts of water. So that the cocor duck can live a long time even if it is not watered. The various flower colors make this plant an ornamental plant that is suitable as a decorative display in a home apartment.

4. Spider Plant

Indoor plants that are easy to care for, suitable for apartments

Plants that are better known as spider plants are excellent for ornamental plant enthusiasts. The color, which shows a gradation of bright fresh green to pale green, is the main attraction. Also, easy to care for, just water it two to three times a week with a water spray.

In addition, this plant is enough to be planted in a small pot or you can also use an old plastic bottle as a planting medium. This plant is often a decorative plant that is placed in the corner of the room or near the window. The dangling leaves have the impression of a curtain.

5. Cactus

Indoor plants that are easy to care for, suitable for apartments

Cactus plants are the easiest plants to care for. Because, for a cactus can live in areas that are dry, humid, and do not need a lot of water. So, it is enough to place it on the edge of the window and water it every 2 weeks to 3 weeks.

The price is cheap and easy to carry with a small pot, making this plant a millennial’s favorite plant. Moreover, the nature of the cactus is able to clean pollutants in the room. So, the room looks fresher and cooler thanks to the cactus in the house.

The explanation above about 5 easy-to-maintain indoor plants is information for decorating homes and apartments with ornamental plants. There’s nothing wrong with trying, especially by placing plants in the room area in the house, it can increase the hormone of happiness in yourself. Hopefully this short article can be useful and inspire you.

See you again in the next interesting article.