How to Write Blog Articles in Microsoft Word and Publish With the help of Microsoft Word

By | December 5, 2021

Microsoft Office version 2013 and above offer some nice and accurate features in its applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc. In this article, we are creating blog entries with the help of Word 2016. Basically, Blog is a part of any website. When bloggers write something and they want to share it with others and also want to publish it, Blogging technique is used. There are various ways, one of which is writing articles in word and directly posting the article without logging in via a browser.

In this article I will discuss, how to post a blog via word. To do this we have to follow some steps which are as below.

· Open Microsoft Word 2013.

· Click New File Tab, a drop down list will appear.

· Select New Option from the list and on the right side the template will be displayed.

· Select Blog Post from the New Template panel.

· After selecting, the List of Blog Accounts window will open. Click on the Register Now button.

· Now that we are going to promote to the New Blog Account dialog box, we can select our blog provider from the Blog edit list.

· The New Account window will open. You can add the URL of your weblog post and then type in our username and password. Then press the OK button.

· Now Microsoft Word 2016 opens a document where we can easily create our blog posts.

· After typing the article, post, do the Click button on Publish.

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