How To Write A Book For Beginners And The Secret Tricks

By | December 24, 2021

Books are sources of information that consist of tens or even hundreds of bound pages. Since time immemorial, people learn and get a lot of knowledge from books.

Even though the book has been written for a long time, most of the writers are novice (professional writer candidates, Amin…) Confused where to start in order to write a book.

That is a natural thing, yes, considering that you are an entry level or beginner.

So learning the technique of writing the book is very, very important and here is the solution.

Read below about the following, yes!

1. Determine the concept and theme of the book you want to write

A novel, a collection of short stories, a novel or a poem?

Choose an idea that is close to your life according to your experience and expertise or your preferences.

Don’t forget that you need to choose a target audience of books according to your experiences and preferences.

Choose ideas and themes and titles that are highly sought after or preferred by the general public.

Usually, they will look for books that are useful and beneficial to them.

2. Utilize the Outline technique

Writing ksi or non-ction books of the highest quality, requires a lot of discipline, creativity, hard work, and most importantly, clear thinking!

By the way, what is the Outline technique?

  • Become an image that guides the process of writing a book
  • Making books more focused and organized

Clear and organized thinking is required in the sense that the writer must have an idea of ​​what he is writing and where it will eventually lead.

That is, he must write an outline or a book mapping outline I assume you will always pass the stage brainstorm when about to start about the core idea where you intend to design a great imagination building.

This may be applicable in the form of a novel or a book “nonctional” such as biographies, cookbooks, travel features, or introductions to a particular subject.

3. Know the basic techniques of writing a book

In general, the technique of writing a book is to write the front of the book with an introduction, then body, examples, and closing.

When writing an action book, make an introduction to the story, then introduce the characters and the conflict, then increase the conflict until finally a surprising ending.

4. Add table of contents, bibliography and footnotes

After all the contents of the book have been completed, don’t forget to write a table of contents, bibliography, footnotes, and correct the location of the chapters of your writing.

5. While making a book, pay attention to the writing technique of the targeted publisher

Before you write a book, usually every publisher always has a different book writing technique. If necessary, buy books from the publishers that you are looking for and learn how to style the language, etc.

6. Check your book’s writing errors first

After writing and compiling all the contents of your book, now is the time to edit your writing again.

Is there something missing or not. A good book writing technique is to rewrite the manuscript revision in the compiled book.

Don’t forget also that you need to write a synopsis of the compiled book before your book is sent to the publisher.

7. Bind your book/manuscript manually then offer it to the publisher

However, nowadays there are many processes for sending manuscripts via email. So the bundle created can be for your own documentation.

Hopefully the technique of writing the book briefly above can be useful for all of you. Hopefully the book you are writing can be published by the publisher soon and become a best seller, Aamiin.

(OPTIONAL) Secret book writing tricks that not many people know

If the above are the basic ideas in writing a book for beginners, then below I will explain the same thing but maybe only a top class writer like Andrea Hirata, Tere Liye, Dewi Lestari etc. who knows this secret trick.

Therefore, see below about the following, yes!

Write a Short Story

When a story idea gets a hold of us, and begins to be put on paper. Write about events from novels in the form of short stories.

It is to capture the outline of the novel in the form of the main development in the short story.

Novels generally start as short stories that can develop themselves, become a story, from a story to a novel.

You must be able to be practical and able to make this short story which then becomes the chronological first step in the novel.

Working on variant twists and turns of possibilities

The advantage of writing an outline is that there will be opportunities to throw away or change the progression of the storyline, well before getting into the details explicit.

This can save you a lot of wasted effort, if you will self-referred that the storyline was already exciting, but irrational and then realized that it had to be changed.

So, try with more story outlines formerly. At each point in the story, there is the development of many possible alternatives happens, from which you have to choose one.

If you’re writing a mystery novel, then you’ll need to put suspense and mislead the clues, which you can put all the fun into following that new line.

Making Chapter

The outline in creating chapters will serve as a guide as you begin to bring the novel into a kind of world-wide division and write in detail about everything that happened.

This will give you an idea of ​​how much you have done, where you are and how much is left to do!

Writing a book is like climbing a mountain. You need to plan your trip up the mountain, and that’s the point of writing an outline that can be likened to a rope.

Mind Map

The technique of writing this book is very effective and pleasing to the mind. Thoughts that experience mapping, will freely carry out and condition the existence of your imaginative blast on paper.

Take a piece of paper and draw a circle in the center and write the central idea of ​​the chapter in it.

Then draw small circles connected with various ideas and development of the main concept.

This way you can have a map your thoughts about the chapter, which will help you in writing the chapter every.

Then put together chapters via mind maps for a whole novel book!

There is no perfect book outline writing technique. you finally will develop your own style of outline building, according to in his own writing style.