How to Use Voice Typing in Windows 11

By | March 4, 2022

Ready to skip the keyboard and use your voice to type in Windows 11? Here’s how.

Windows 11 comes with many tools that make our life easier and simpler. One of these great tools is voice typing. The built-in voice typing or dictation tool can type everything you say without installing any third-party apps.

So, what is this tool, how do you activate it, and what can you do with it? Read on as we cover everything you need to know about voice typing in Windows 11.

What is Voice Typing in Windows 11

Voice typing, also known as “speech-to-text” or “dictation,” is a powerful voice recognition tool from Microsoft. It can copy speech to text perfectly on any Windows application. Windows 11 offers its users cloud-based voice recognition technology in addition to the existing standard device-based voice recognition features.

If you have previously used the dictation tool on Windows 10, then you will surely love Windows 11’s voice typing tool as well. Voice typing in Windows 11 is much more accurate, offers powerful auto-timekeeping features, and has hundreds of new possible use cases.

Currently, Voice typing supports, among others, English, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, Hindi, Japanese and Korean. You can find a complete list of supported languages ​​on the site Microsoft support website.

How to Enable Voice Typing in Windows 11

If you’re passionate about typing with your voice, the good news is that it’s very easy to activate and use the voice typing or dictation tools in Windows 11. First, you need to click on the field that allows you to enter text. This could be a text box in your browser, a word processing app, or even a messaging app.

Once you see a blinking cursor in the text field, press the key Windows + H, and a rectangular voice typing tool window will appear. If you see an error instead, make sure that you are connected to the internet and that you have placed the cursor correctly in the text field.

You can then click gear icon and activate Auto punctuation. You will also find the option to activate Voice typing launcher to help you quickly activate voice typing if you are in a text box.

When you are ready to start voice typing, click Microphone icon or press the button Windows + H. Windows will automatically recognize your speech, copy it into text, and punctuate it as needed.

You can stop Dictation by saying “Stop Dictation” or “Pause voice typing”. Alternatively, you can also press the Microphone icon or press the button Windows + H to stop voice transcription.

Why Use Voice Typing

Compared to using a regular keyboard, voice typing can save a lot of time. Most people speak faster than they can type, and you can save valuable time by spouting your ideas instead of typing them.

Why type an essay when you can dictate it and copy it to near perfection. You can even use Voice typing to jot down meeting notes, to-do lists, brainstorming, and more.

Voice typing can be especially beneficial for people with reading and writing difficulties such as dyslexia. These users can use voice typing in Windows 11 to dictate their ideas and thoughts without constantly fixing spelling problems. Accessibility is very important, and Windows 11 prioritizes it tenfold.

Normalize Voice Typing in Windows 11

Voice typing is a valuable tool in Windows 11, and any Windows user can use it to increase accessibility and productivity. You can use it to easily take notes while still using your hands, or to dictate an essay you’re afraid to write; use of Voice Typing is only bound by your creativity.