How to Use Animated GIFs as Wallpaper in Windows 10

By | April 26, 2022

How to Use Animated GIFs as Your Wallpaper in Windows 10

Video wallpapers can be quite extreme. Most of us prefer static high definition wallpapers and like to download them in bulk. But there is a third type of wallpaper: GIF wallpapers.

This is easy on smartphones, but Windows doesn’t naturally support this, so we’ll have to rely on a workaround.

How To Set GIF Wallpaper On Windows 10

Rainmeter is one of the most popular desktop customization software. While it can be used to set animated GIF wallpapers on Windows, the process is tricky for new users.

So let’s take a look with simpler software to do the job for us.

Plastuer can help you set GIF, video, and HTML5 web pages as your wallpaper. It is a standalone program without installation. Plastuer is also donationware where you only pay what you want (minimum $2 for PayPal fees) and download the 82 MB file.

There is no free trial, so buy whatever quantity you want and give it a try.

This software uses WebGL and the Open Source Chromium browser to create animations on the desktop.

Unzip the downloaded Plastuer zip package and click on the program icon.

This software supports multiple monitors. On launch, it detects the number of monitors and gives you the option to select which monitor.

You can choose an animated GIF in many ways.

  • use URL field to point it to the source for the GIF.
  • You can also add multiple URLs with a field Create Playlists.
  • Click on options Select File to select a GIF file from your PC.
  • Or, choose Browse Gallery to select a GIF from the official gallery.

Select monitor to set wallpaper and click Save to complete the setup.

You can disable the active wallpaper at any time by clicking the button Disable Wallpaper.

You may also want to go into settings and set the wallpaper behavior when full screen or a maximized application such as a movie or game is active. By default, Plastuer automatically detects full screen and maximized apps to pause animations and save your RAM.

BionX Video Wallpaper Animator

BionX has a lot of small wallpaper management software. The all-in-one software is called BionX Desktop Wallpaper Changer. 250 unique features can add many other enhancements to your desktop besides setting a GIF or AVI wallpaper.

For example, you can also project a webcam feed like a wallpaper.

Instead of downloading the full package, you can also download one of the individual tools. For moving GIF wallpapers, we will use Video Wallpaper Animator.

Developers use the names “GIF Wallpaper Animator” interchangeably. You don’t need to install any software and it can also be run from a USB drive. But the best part of the software is the low RAM and CPU footprint.

Download the self executable file and run it as administrator.

The settings screen will ask you to select a destination folder. You can select it to run from a USB drive or any folder in Windows.

Select tab Video Wallpapers. Browse to the directory where your GIF wallpaper is located. After selecting a folder, it will automatically list all supported files.

Select the animated GIF file you want to use as wallpaper from the list of supported files. Click button Start to play an animated GIF wallpaper on your Windows desktop.

From the same screen, you can check CPU usage and set animation speed.

It is a simple software with a few limitations. You can only use one GIF at a time and not the GIF wallpaper carousel that switches periodically. For that, open the BionX Desktop Background Switcher application.

But if you want to keep it simple, then this portable app is ideal.

Do You Make Your Own GIF Wallpaper

One of the easiest ways to create your own animated GIF wallpaper is to start with a video. GIF tools like Giphy GIF maker can convert your videos into animated GIFs.

Alternatively, you can download it from sites like:

But don’t forget that live wallpapers can eat away at your computer’s CPU to create images. The richer the animation, the more resource hungry it is.

But if you have a capable graphics card and sufficient system memory (at least 4 GB), then GIFs and video wallpapers are a great addition to your desktop. You can then use full speed with live wallpapers and animated background software for Windows too.