How to Unlock Screen on Android Phone Using Signature

By | December 18, 2021
How to Unlock Screen on Android Phone Using Signature
How to unlock android screen with signature – Unlocking the Android cellphone screen using a pattern or number is something that is very commonly used. But it’s different if you unlock the screen by using a signature.

Well, have you ever seen someone when opening the screen on their smartphone using a signature?. If not, then surely if you unlock your android phone screen in front of many people then you will look different from the others and will look more like that.

Locking the screen on the cellphone is a step that aims to secure your privacy from the reach of stalkers or to turn off the steps of your friends who want to jail open your cellphone secretly without your permission when your cellphone is left behind.

So it will definitely be safe if we lock the screen on our android phone. As we all know that a cellphone or cellphone is something if it is likened to a place where there is a lot of privacy data. Therefore, of course you will feel annoyed if someone wants to open our police station without our permission. Because obviously then they will know our privacy.

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And to avoid unwanted things, it would be nice if we lock the screen in the best way to get more security. What’s more, now there are applications that already support making screen locks using signature. Quite interesting and unique is not it?. So we can use this method for security and of course it will look more attractive.

And for how to use a screen lock application with a signature, please read carefully the steps I have written below:

  • The first step is that you need to first download the application called gesture lock screen on google play store. To view the application, you can see through the image below.
How to unlock android screen with signature
  • The next step, please turn off your default screen lock. Because to lock with a signature, you have to switch to a new application. The trick is to enter the menu settings/settings – screen lock – then select turn off screen lock. But if you haven’t used a screen lock before, you don’t need to enter this menu.
application to lock screen unique with signature
  • Then you guys open the gesture lock screen app. And then you click on the menu create gestures. Well, for that, please feel free to draw on the screen to make your signature. To confirm, please redraw or sign one more time. For more details, you can see in the image below.
how to lock android screen using signature
  • After that proceed by selecting tap password recovery. Create a password with 4 digit number as you wish. This is to create a backup password in case you forget when you open the screen with the signature you created earlier. And if it’s then click ok.
how to lock android phone screen with signature
  • Continue by clicking okay on options enable notification access. Next, please give check mark on the notification access.
android lockscreen with signature
  • Then you can adjust it yourself for the setting options in this application. Such as changing the color of the gesture, changing the background, giving animations to the lock screen, setting the loc delay and so on.
unique android lock screen app
  • You can also change the background on the lock screen. Like changing your own photo or image.
  • And the last step is that you can try to lock your screen then try to unlock it with a signature.
how to lock android phone screen with signature

Okay maybe that’s the article this time about how to lock screen on android phone using signature. Hopefully it can be useful for you and please leave your comments through the comments column below this article. Thank you for visiting and good luck trying it.