How to Uninstall Windows 11 Update

By | December 26, 2021

This Samsul article will cover how to uninstall Windows 11 updates as well as undo all changes made to your computer. In Windows 11, you get two types of updates: builds and regular updates. Build is a major update that brings new features and changes in appearance. Regular updates, on the other hand, patch bugs and vulnerabilities. You can uninstall these two types of updates if you find them problematic on your Windows 11 PC.

Uninstall Updates on Windows 11

Removing regular updates (also known as cumulative updates) is easy in Windows 11. You just need to select the update to be removed in settings and it will be removed.

To get started, open the app Settings on your PC. Do this by pressing Windows+I simultaneously.

In settings, from the left sidebar, select Windows Update.

windows update settings

On the Windows Update page, click Update history.

windows update history

In the Update history menu, from the section Related settings, choose Uninstall updates.

uninstall windows updates

You will now see a list of updates installed on your PC. To remove an update, select the list and then click Uninstall at the top.

uninstall and update

The Uninstall an update prompt will appear. click Yes this prompt to continue.

click Yes

And Windows 11 will start removing the selected update from your PC. Once done, you will be ready.

If you decide that just canceling the update isn’t enough, don’t forget to downgrade to Windows 10.

Uninstall Build on Windows 11

You can uninstall like a normal update, but there is a problem. You can only delete builds within 10 days of installing them. If it’s been more than 10 days, you can’t roll back the build. In this case, you will have to reinstall Windows 11 or restore a full system backup on your computer if you still want to go back.

NOTES : When you uninstall, your personal files are not deleted. But any changes made to your apps and settings since the latest update will be deleted.

To remove builds that have been installed in the last 10 days, open the app Settings on your PC. Do this by pressing Windows+I on your keyboard.

On the settings screen, on the left sidebar, click System.

system settings

Scroll down the System page and click Recovery.

recovery - system

On the Recovery screen, next to Advanced startup, click Restart now.

advanced startup

You will see the message ‘We’ll restart your device so save your work‘. At this prompt, click Restart now to restart your PC.

TIPS : Make sure you save all your work before starting this.

restart now

When your PC reboots, you will see the ‘Choose an Option‘. From here, open Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Uninstall Updates > Uninstall Latest Features Update.

There, click Uninstall Features Update and Windows 11 will remove the latest build installed on your PC.

If you find the problem persists even after uninstalling updates and builds, consider rebooting your PC to safe mode and troubleshooting there.

That’s How To Uninstall Windows 11 Update. Hope it’s useful