How to Unfollow an IG/Instagram Account Quickly and at the Same Time

By | March 16, 2022
How to unfollow an IG account quickly and at the same time a lot – Instagram is a very popular social media application in which there are many features that you can enjoy. Apart from the available features, it turns out that Instagram can make a prestigious event for those of you who want to be popular. You just need to show your abilities and then upload them to Instagram. And usually to be popular on Instagram, it can be said that they already have a lot of followers or already have a lot of followers on Instagram. So this will certainly be quickly and easily recognized by many people.

When using the Instagram application, apart from getting followers, we also have to follow other people or friends first. So the more friends we follow, the more likely they will follow us back. But if you follow too many people, then when we open the home screen or homepage, many stories or posts from the people we follow will appear. And sometimes of course the IG accounts that we follow post something that you think is useless. And usually this happens when you follow people you don’t know or just follow people.

Well, if you only want to see information from the homepage that is important or you think is useful. So by reducing the Instagram accounts that you follow. As delete/unfollow other people’s instagram accounts from our following list that are less useful. If you already follow too many Instagram accounts, then you need to unfollow these accounts one by one. Because the Instagram application itself does not have many unfollow features at once. If it’s like that, then unfollowing one by one will definitely be a waste of time and also feel bored.? because it’s too much. So to solve it now I will give easy steps to complete your mission regarding unfollowing Instagram accounts quickly and at the same time a lot.

How to unfollow an IG account quickly and multiple times at once:

  • The first step is download and install application cleaner for instagram in google playstore . To view the application, you can see in the image below.
How to unfollow an IG account quickly and at the same time a lot

  • Furthermore, if it is already installed, please open the application and then click log in Use the name of the Instagram account that you are using.
  • After that a dialog box will appear as shown in the image below, then you select save. .
how to unfollow Instagram accounts quickly and multiple times
  • The next step, please select the IG account that you want unfollow. Then tap menu unfollow, Then select the Instagram username that you want to unfollow. And if you press lightning symbol. For more details about this step then look at the image below.
how to quickly unfollow multiple IG / Instagram accounts at once
  • Next you choose unfollow. Then several options will appear and you select and click on start now.
an easy way to unfollow multiple Instagram accounts at once
  • After that, please wait until the process is complete.
application to unfollow Instagram accounts quickly and many at once
  • In addition, to speed up unfollow, please select quick select. And to choose all please select
    select all.

how to quickly unfollow an instagram account

That was it how to quickly unfollow an instagram account quickly and at the same time a lot. So with the help of this application you can unfollow more efficiently than having to see the following one by one and then unfollow them.

Finally, I hope this article can be useful and if it is useful for you, it would be nice to share it with your other friends so they can find out too. Thank you for visiting and see you in the next article post.