How to Unblock Indihome WiFi so that it can be reused

By | December 28, 2021
How to Unblock Indihome WiFi so that it can be reused

How to Unblock Indihome WiFi – With the benefits of the internet being so diverse that it can be used for shopping, studying and working, it is not surprising that the demand for installation for wi-fi also increases. With wi-fi, people can browse more quickly and safely.

When deciding to use wi-fi, users must be prepared to pay their bills on time so they are not blocked.

However, how to unblock indihome wifi so that it can be used again?

Let’s see the following review to the end!

Before answering the question above, users should know in advance what causes home wi-fi to be blocked.

One of the main reasons is due to late payments.

So if the customer pays the wi-fi bill more than the specified date and doesn’t pay it immediately, the wi-fi will be blocked. Another reason that causes wi-fi to be blocked is due to interference or repair.

How to Make Blocked Wifi Can Be Opened Immediately

If what happened was due to the former reason, then the easiest way to solve the problem is to pay the bill.

If the payment has been made but the wifi still can’t be used, it could be that Indihome is still verifying, so it still takes time.

For customers who have experienced something similar, try the following solutions to get them back on:

1. Paying Bills Immediately

How to Unblock Indihome WiFi so that it can be reused

The easiest way to unblock indihome wifi that customers can do is pay their obligations.

Make sure to pay according to the amount of the bill and the fines imposed by Indihome. If you have paid but the amount does not match, then the wifi will still be blocked and cannot be used.

Customers need to remember that the bill payment deadline is the 20th of each month.

If the payment is still not made on the 21st, then the customer will be subject to a fine of 5% of the total bill. In addition, the wi-fi will also be immediately disabled so that it can no longer be used.

The fine will increase if the customer does not make payment immediately. So, don’t be surprised if the bill suddenly swells and becomes more expensive than usual.

2. Restart Modem

How to Unblock Indihome WiFi so that it can be reused

For those who have already paid Indihome bills but are still experiencing this problem, the first thing that can be done is to do Restartt on the modem. Try to unplug the modem and then plug it back in. Wait a few moments until all the lights come back on.

Do that step about 2-4 hours after payment. Usually, Indihome takes time to process payments until it takes time to reopen the internet connection.

Repeat these steps several times for a maximum of 3×24 hours after payment. If you have already paid, then the wi-fi modem should be open and can be used again.

But if it’s still blocked, then it’s a good idea to try the following other methods.

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3. Try Using Another Device

How to Unblock Indihome WiFi so that it can be reused

Before making a complaint to Indihome, it’s a good idea for customers to check the modem again. Is the modem really damaged, or is it just the device that can’t connect to the modem.

If indeed other devices cannot connect to wi-fi, then it can be said that the modem is the problem.

However, if other devices can connect to the modem, it means that the problem is the device. If this is the case, try restarting the device or resetting the wi-fi settings.

Supposedly with this step, the laptop can connect to wi-fi. So, first make sure the problem is in the modem or the device you are using. Also make sure the device is not blocked by the wifi modem you are using.

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4. Reporting to Indihome

How to Unblock Indihome WiFi so that it can be reused

If the way to unblock indihome wifi has been done, but wifi is still blocked, then it’s time to report this problem to Indihome.

How to report this problem can be done by calling the complaint service, informing via Facebook or Twitter. If you want a quick response, the quickest way is to call the complaint service.

Later, customers will be asked for their ID number. Furthermore, customers can inform the problem that occurs. Inform the problem and bill payment date.

Usually the customer will be told to wait and will be given an explanation why the wi-fi can be blocked.

If you have already paid, the officer will help verify. Later, if it is proven to have paid, the officer will also help unblock the modem so that it can be used again.

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How to Overcome the Wifi so that it doesn’t get blocked

Indihome bills will generally come out every mid to late month, which is around the 15-31st.

Usually, customers will get a message or reminder regarding the payment or bill of the month. If this message has appeared, then it’s a good idea for customers to make payments immediately.

As long as you make a payment before the due date, the customer will not be charged with and can still use the internet.

On the other hand, if customers don’t make payments right away, the wifi will turn off by itself. If this happens, it means that the customer has not made a payment and has been charged with a fine.

To avoid this incident, it’s a good idea for customers to use an auto-debit or credit card payment system. With these two methods, the payment will be executed immediately on the specified date without waiting any longer. That way, wifi blocking doesn’t happen.

That’s how to unblock indihome wifi that customers can try first.

If all the methods above have been done but still don’t work, then call back 147 so that it can be re-examined by the officer. Most importantly, try not to pay the bill properly so that it doesn’t get blocked or disabled.

Hope it is useful.