How to Un-Root the SuperSU Application on an Android Phone

By | December 25, 2021

Unroot Android Phone – How how to restore a rooted android phone in pristine condition? Before we discuss how to unroot android phone without pc, it would be better if we know about root. Root or rooting is a system account that has absolute power to access and complete all systems, commands, and files in a Linux-based operating system (including Android). Basically ‘root‘ has unrestricted access to modify, add, delete, and even damage everything on the Android system.

If we do the root process, the warranty from the factory will be lost and of course when our cellphone is damaged hardware it will not be free because the condition has been rooted. So the best way is remove root on android phone we. However, by rooting Android, we have other advantages in the features that exist in an application such as saving battery usage, speeding up Android performance, removing bloatware, modifying and customizing our Android.

In this article, we will tell you how to restore a rooted cellphone to its original state by using an application for a rooted Android phone. SuperSU is an application that controls all application permissions that require permission before being used on your Android phone. Therefore, for those of you who do not have the un-rooted application, you can download it first or if you already have one, you just follow the method below.

How to Un-Root the SuperSU Application on an Android Phone

how to restore a rooted cellphone as before

The following is how to find and restore a rooted android phone using the superSU application without having to use a PC:

  1. First of all make sure your android phone root application is superSU, then open the superSU app
  2. Then after entering the SuperSU root application in the settings section, you just have to select the menu Full Unroot
  3. Then your Android phone will automatically restart and the state of the cellphone will return to normal. And keep in mind for all applications that require a root system, of course they can’t be reused, so please just un-install the application.
  4. Finished

The meaning of unroot itself is a way to restore the condition of Android to its original state in a state that is not rooted, so that it can restore the existing warranty on Android smartphones and tablets. Root your android phone if it is necessary, but sometimes it can even have an effect Android phone becomes slow after being rooted.

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A few tips from us that discuss the easy way to Un-Root an Android cellphone that has been rooted without using a computer / laptop, hopefully our article can be easy to understand so that it can overcome the problems you are experiencing at this time. thank you

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