How to Totally Remove MGR.exe Virus

By | December 4, 2021
I haven’t written an article for a long time because I’m busy hehe, so I decided to make an article again. This time I will discuss about “How to remove the MGR.exe virus”, Guaranteed to be effective.

I was also moved to write this article, because there is no single method on Google that “really works that way.” to remove this virus.

Oh yeah, this virus works like a parasite, which means this virus will inject the closest application and dll the first time you run the mgr.exe.

It aims to make this virus still reincarnate even if it is reinstalled any number of times if the entire contents of your disk are not deleted (only limited to Reinstalling Windows Drive).

MGR Virus Info Details

  • Examples of applications that have been infected by the MGR virus:

(Application Name)mgr.exe

Between 110 kb – 113 kb. Usually 112 KB.

Do not use a special logo, use the Windows default installer logo (the logo is like the default application installer).

Disguised as if it were a Macromedia Flash application.

  • Virus File Format Target:

.exe and .dll

How to get rid of this virus? I have a powerful way for those of you who are affected by this virus.

1. Removing the Virus Root

Before proceeding to step 2, you must do this step if you want to clean up this virus without reinstalling, namely by deleting the registry.

The trick, press the windows logo then type Registry Editor, you can type just REGEDIT and then run the application.

Then to the address:

ComputerHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftShared ToolsMSConfigstartupfolderC:^Users^(PCName)^AppData^Roaming^Microsoft^Start Menu^Programs^Startup^rlvdsgxi.exe

That is the registry address for the MGR.exe virus startup.
You could say this is the root of the virus, namely the startup that functions to run the virus as much as possible when your computer is turned on.

Then if you’ve found it, there you will definitely find a collection of registry as shown below.

Mgr virus registry that must be deleted

2. Installing the Efficacious Antivirus Application, KASPERSKY

This is a mandatory step, don’t miss it! it’s useless if you have removed the root of the virus but you do not repair your application that has been parasitized by this MGR virus.

Because this virus is a reincarnation type. So it’s free for you
back up the files and replace them with files that have not been parasitized by this virus.

This virus not only injects the exe application, but also with the .dll.

Min, can you back up files affected by the mgr virus without deleting the files? CAN.

So I recommend using this one virus. It is recommended to download the free version first, to prioritize cleaning and not bother looking for keys here and there illegally.

For how to download Kaspersky Antivirus legally and for free complete with how to install it, see other articles, namely:

1. If you have finished installing Kaspersky Free, go to the main menu of Kaspersky Free

2. Select gear logo or “Settings” below left at the bottom of the Kaspersky application

3. Then select the Scan tab in the Security Level section, select the High (Maximum Protection in dangerous environments)

4. Return to the start menu and then click Scan Options. My recommendation is Full Scan, so that the virus can be eradicated to the maximum

5. Wait until the scan process is complete

choose “Resolve all” to remove the virus without deleting the files.

Or select the option “delete” to remove the virus complete with files.

This virus is very clever to hide its autorun backup.
Just once run this virus or this virus runs by itself without a strong antivirus like Kaspersky, then the way to delete it so that it doesn’t reincarnate again, there is no other way than the above and reinstall.