How to Temporarily Disable Notifications on Android

By | December 24, 2021

Notifications or notifications are something important on your phone. But it can also be a curse. Imagine if you share your screen during a meeting and your friend or girlfriend sends you a message which is a bit private and surely all meeting participants will see the notification. Fortunately, such bloopers can be easily avoided by temporarily disabling notifications on your Android phone.

Temporarily Disable All Notifications Use Do Not Disturb Mode

While silent phone is one way to mute notifications, it will only mute notification sounds. You will still get notification pop-ups on the screen. To temporarily disable notifications on Android, you need to enable Do Not Disturb (DND) mode on Android.

It lets you disable all notifications with a single button. You can customize and make exceptions for the way and types of notifications you want to receive. Here’s how to activate it.

Notes: I’m using a Samsung A50 phone, Android v11. Please adjust the option path if your phone is different.

  • open Settings on your phone, then open Notifications and tap Do not disturb. On another phone, go to Settings – Sound & vibration – Do not disturb. If you can’t find Do not disturb in either of these two places, use the search bar at the top in settings to search for it.
  • Then tap the button next to Do not disturb or on another phone tap Turn on now to activate it. You also need to adjust the DND mode according to your needs.
  • You will find many customization settings on this screen. The most important thing is setting Hide notifications. Tap on it. You will again see more customization settings.
  • On Samsung, enable option Don’t show pop-up notifications by tapping the button next to it. On other phones, you’ll need to enable No visual or sound from notifications.

When activated, you will not receive any sound or pop-up notifications. The notification panel will appear empty and will not hold any notifications. However, once you disable DND mode, all missed notifications will appear in the notification panel.

In addition, you can make exceptions where you can set which apps, sounds and people can turn on notifications automatically. You can even schedule a DND so that the mode is turned on and off automatically at specified times.

If you are interested in receiving notifications normally on your phone, you can simply turn off DND mode. For that, repeat the steps above and disable DND mode. Alternatively, you can disable it from Quick settings, which can be accessed by swiping down from the notification panel.

Temporarily Disable Notifications for Specific Apps

The above method lets you disable notifications for all apps. If you want to temporarily disable notifications for only some apps, do so using the app’s individual notification settings.

  • open Settings on your phone and select Apps.
  • Under installed or all apps section, find app whose notifications you want to turn off. I’m using WhatsApp as an example, so tap on WhatsApp followed by tapping Notifications.
  • Disable the first option which should say something similar to Show notifications or All WhatsApp notifications. Doing so will disable all WhatsApp notifications. That is, when you receive a new message, it will arrive in the WhatsApp application silently without sending a notification. You need to open WhatsApp to check for the new message.

Similarly, if you disable notifications for other apps, tap the button in question to disable it. You can further customize and disable notifications for each of the categories under the app. For example, you can only disable group messages without disabling individual messages. You will find all customization settings under app notification settings.

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So many tutorials this time. Hopefully useful and help you in temporarily disabling notifications on Android. Don’t forget to leave your comments below to share your thoughts and experiences in following this tutorial. Thank you and GBU. UNITED AGAINST COVID-19!!