How to Submit Videos in Google Classroom (To Facilitate the Learning Process)

By | April 18, 2022
How to Submit Videos in Google Classroom (To Facilitate the Learning Process)

Google Classroom is an online application that now simplifies the teaching and learning process between teachers and students. Through this application, teachers can carry out the teaching process like in class but without having to meet face to face.

In addition, this application has a feature where students can submit their assignments in video format. Well, for those who don’t know, it’s good to know how to send videos in Google Classroom.

Unfortunately, not many students and teachers know about this feature so it is not widely used. In fact, with this feature, teachers can see the progress of their students and train them to be more creative.

So, in order to take advantage of this feature, it’s a good idea for teachers and students alike to learn how to send videos in Google Classroom.

How to Collect Assignments in the Form of Videos with Various Media

The Google Classroom application can be accessed using various media, from Android devices, iPhones to PCs. Basically, the way to send videos in this application is the same, it’s just that the location of the menu options is usually different.

For students who are about to submit their assignments but are having trouble submitting them, try these steps:

1. Downloading the Google Classroom App

How to Submit Videos in Google Classroom (To Facilitate the Learning Process)

Before uploading video assignments, make sure you have the app Google Classroom in the device used. If using a cellphone, then download it first from App Store or Play Store.

However, for those who use a PC, you can download the application or open it directly through the site. If you already have the application, then please open it.

2. Choose a Class That Gives Assignments & Upload Videos

How to Submit Videos in Google Classroom (To Facilitate the Learning Process)

After entering the application, select Class who gave the task. If there is more than one task given, then make sure to choose the correct one. Next, select Add Attachment to add a photo, video or something else.

To find the desired video, then select The place or Location where the videos are.

Next, click on the video to upload it to Google Classroom.

Before uploading a video into the application, make sure that the shape and size of the video is in accordance with the supported formats. Otherwise, the video will not be successfully sent to the classroom even if the internet connection is smooth.

If the video has been uploaded to Google Classroom, then click Turn In to collect the assignment.

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3. Changing Video Format

How to Submit Videos in Google Classroom (To Facilitate the Learning Process)

One of the problems that students will often face when uploading videos is that they are large, so they cannot be sent. For those experiencing this problem, then don’t worry, because all you need to do is convert the video format to ZIP.

Changing the format won’t make the video worse. So only reduce the size of the video so that it can be sent to Google Classroom.

For HP users, then make sure you already have the application RAR first. As for those who use a PC, there is no need to download it, because it is usually already installed directly on the device.

If you already have the application, then click the video and select the option ZIP. Later, the video will change its format to ZIP with a smaller size.

If the shape has changed, don’t forget to check the size again. If the size is appropriate, then do how to send a video in Google Classroom as described above. If there are no problems, the video should be sent without any problems.

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Cause Video Can’t Be Sent

In addition to the large video size, there are many things that can cause a video to not be sent to Google Classroom. To anticipate this, it is necessary to know the causes, solutions, and tips to avoid it.

For more details, here are some reasons why videos don’t upload smoothly:

1. Submission Deadline

In working on and submitting assignments, be sure to pay attention to the details of the time. Every teacher must give a deadline for every homework given.

There are several types of arrangements that the teacher can provide for each deadline. The teacher can set whether students can still submit assignments even though the deadline has passed, or close if it is past the time.

If the teacher chooses the second option, the student will not be able to collect it, even if he tries many times. Therefore, make sure to pay attention to the details of each task given by the teacher.

2. Too Full & Crowded

Another reason that can cause a video can’t be sent is the server is full and crowded. This usually happens near the collection deadline. So the reason is because everyone is gathering at the same time, causing the application to be full and work slowly.

To avoid this, it’s a good idea to collect assignments h-1 or don’t be too tight with the time limit.

3. Stable Internet Connection

When uploading videos, make sure you also have a strong or stable internet connection. Basically, uploading videos to Google Classroom takes a long time and a lot of quota.

Therefore, to expedite the process of sending videos, make sure the internet connection is strong and stable. Try not to use it for anything else before the video is sent.

So, before submitting a video to Google Classroom, first pay attention to the size and format. If it doesn’t match, then change it first so that it can be uploaded to the application. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the connection as well as the collection time.

If it’s too tight, the shipping process will usually take longer and have the potential to fail. If all of the above has been considered, then how to send videos in Google Classroom should be able to run smoothly.

Hopefully this information can be useful.