How to Strengthen Wifi Connection on Android PROVEN POWERFUL!!!

By | December 8, 2021
Wi-fi itself is an abbreviation of Wireless Fidelity. Wifi is a wireless internet network. How wifi works is by using radio waves. And to be able to connect to the wifi network, the electronic device must be within the range of the access point (hotspot). And usually the wifi range from the access point is up to 20 meters indoors, but there is also a range that can be more than that for outdoor wifi.

Using a wifi network is something we usually do when we don’t have an internet data quota or when the signal on our cellphones is weak. We will usually experience a weak signal when we are in an area where the signal is still weak, thus making us have to look for signals here and there.

tips on how to speed up wifi connection on android

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There are many ways that are usually done to be able to use a wifi network for surfing the internet, such as by searching in public places that provide free wifi facilities, or it could be by sharing wifi from a smartphone between friends if you are really stuck or commonly referred to as portable hotspot tethering. .
But for those of you who are smartphone users and usually use wifi networks, you should also be careful so that your wifi is not stolen by friends or other users secretly. For that, you can read also tips on securing your wifi from wifi thieves in the previous article about How to find wifi thief and block it via android.
And when we use a wifi network, sometimes the wifi network that we use is not always stable and smooth. There are also many problems that often arise and also make us disturbed by conditions that make us more uncomfortable. And one of them is when the connected wifi network is very weak, then this definitely makes the internet connection slow.

Well, to overcome so that the wifi network is not slow or weak, then of course we have to know what to do tips we can do to strengthen the wifi signal. And on this occasion luckily I will share tips on how to strengthen wifi internet. If you are curious, then it would be nice for you to see the reviews below to strengthen the wifi internet signal.

How to strengthen wifi signal on android without application:

Well, here when the signal your wifi is weak, then the first way you can do is to change it to the 5GHz frequency because at this high frequency and has a lot of free space on the spectrum. Another function is so that the channels that we use do not overlap so that later it will produce a good wifi signal. How you can open the menu settings – wifi – advanced – wifi – select 5 GHz only. In this way, of course, you can speed up the wifi connection than before.

  • Upgrade your android firmware or software

The function of us being diligent in upgrading or updating the firmware is so that our cellphones become light when used or not slow. In addition, it will also improve the performance of a device and fix bugs or system errors for Android devices. When updating the firmware sometimes the same thing also allows us to manually update the android radio or wifi signal booster. Of course, in this way, we get a variety of new features and menus so that we will get comfortable. The method go to settings – about phone – software update.
  • Clear cache, history, cookies on some browsers that you have

By deleting cache, cookies and history that are no longer needed in the browser, the browser we use will be lighter. Well, after there is a good performance increase it will also improve the connection internet when using wifi. Because when all the cache files are not deleted and have accumulated it will slow us down when browsing the browser. Therefore, it would be nice to occasionally clear the cache to reduce memory buildup.
  • Change the wifi password regularly

If you have never done this method, there are more and more devices on your wifi list. Well, the more lists there are, the more users will use your wifi so this will certainly reduce your wifi speed. Another impact is that the modem that we use as a wifi hotspot will heat up quickly and its connectivity will be disrupted. Therefore, one of the tricks is that you can change the wifi password periodically.

How to speed up wifi internet using the android application:

By using additional applications, we can strengthen the wifi signal which of course can increase the speed of the wifi internet. You can use an application called boosters and analyzers. By using this application we can also track the wifi network accurately. Well, when you add this application on your smartphone it will improve and maximize your wifi connection. And after the wifi feature is turned on, the wifi analyzer will search for all wireless networks in your network range. You will also get some information such as network SSID, signal strength, network security, Mac access and network frequency.
  • Wifi doctor detect and boost

Wifi doctor is an application that you can get for free. And this application is classified as an application that can be said to be very light when used. This application is designed to run network detection and protect your internet activity, and when this application is used, this application will search for all devices connected to the wifi hotspot and speed up network connections and will automatically close all applications running on your android device.

Features that you can get when using this application include checking wifi security, increasing wifi network speed, detecting wifi networks against unwanted use, superboost (the ability to turn off applications that consume bandwidth behind the scenes automatically).