How To Stop Self-Updating Apps On Android Playstore

By | December 16, 2021

Android often downloads itself – How how to stop auto update apps on android playstore? When your android phone often downloads its own application, of course it will not be a problem if we use wi-fi for an android connection, but what will happen if android phone update the play store application by yourself using data quota? Of course, this becomes a big problem if you don’t immediately find a way to turn off auto update android, because if our internet quota is limited and Google Play Android updates its own application, it feels like the data package runs out just to update the Google Playstore application which we don’t know about.

There are 2 how to stop auto update on play store your android smartphone or tablet. The first way is to make settings so that all applications that have been downloaded from the Playstore do not update automatically. Then the second one is by setting the applications on Google Play on your Android phone to update itself according to our preferences, in other words we can choose one by one according to the needs of the applications we use.

One of the advantages of turning off playstore automatic updates on Android applications is that we can read and give permission again when the application will be updated and of course by stopping automatic updates on the playstore will save our internet quota. Therefore, to stop the application from installing itself on an Android phone, we will try to share how to turn off playstore automatic updates on android phone/tablet You. Let’s see the full review below.

How To Stop Self-Updating Apps On Android Playstore

how to stop playstore auto update

Here’s how to disable auto-update apps or auto-update on Google Play on your Android phone or tablet:

1. The first step to do is open the Play Store application on your Android phone or tablet.

2. Then select the menu in the upper left corner of “3 lines” after that tap or press on the menu.

3. If you have entered the menu, select Settings then a pop up will appear then check the option Don’t auto update app. There are 3 options on the menu:

  • Do Not auto – update apps which means we will not use the automatic update feature on applications that have been installed on our Android phones.
  • Auto-update apps at any time which means we will automatically update every time there is a new update from an installed application, and mobile data will be used if it is not connected to wifi.
  • Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only which means that we will do an auto update or automatic update every time we are connected to wifi whereas if it is not connected to wi-fi then we will do a manual update.

And here is how to manually update the Android phone or tablet application on Google Play or Play Store:

Because we have stopped or disabled auto updates, so when we want to update or get notification of application updates we will do it manually.

1. How to manually update the application on the first android playstore.

  • Usually we will get a notification of an android cellphone application that requires an update whose notification will appear on the screen bar of your cellphone. Then to update the application manually, you just need to input it on your android google play then install the application that you want to update / update.

2. How to manually update apps on the android playstore second.

What is meant by this second method is where we miss the notifications that appear, for example we don’t update directly, but wait until we have enough internet quota to update. So how to stop the application downloading itself that must be done is as follows:

  1. The first step is open play store android You. Read here if you are having problems xiaomi phone can’t enter playstore.
  2. Then select the menu in the upper left corner (3 lines) then tap or press on the menu.
  3. If the second step has been done tap or press on My apps & games.
  4. And if on our Android phone there are many applications that need an update and we want to update all of those applications, just press the button Update All.
  5. However, if only 1 to 2 applications want to be updated, then we need to select the application that we will update on My apps & games by pressing and then a new page will appear and then select Updates.

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That’s our post this time, which just discussed the problem of Android phones that often update automatically on the Playstore. Hopefully how to stop android software update this time it can be useful for all of us, thank you so much..

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