How to Start Your Own Hijab Production Business from Home

By | December 14, 2021
How to Start Your Own Hijab Production Business from Home

As the country with the most Muslims in the world, the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry continues to grow. The demand for hijab and syar’i clothes also continues to increase. Therefore, information on how to start a self-produced hijab business is always in demand by business lovers.

Muslimah equipment, which is also often called a headscarf, is actually easy to produce even on a home scale, you know. In fact, not infrequently that has been successful. One example is a local brand such as “Umama” which has succeeded in attracting the domestic market, even for export.

Want to know more about how to get started? This article will review it in detail. Come on!

Home-scale Hijab Production

When it comes to producing clothes, then of course it will be close to the convection business.

Hijab or headscarf falls into this category and fortunately can be carried out at home. In large sizes, of course, it will be called factory convection. Well, because you are just starting out, we will discuss how to produce hijab from home.

Before jumping in, it is necessary to do some research first.

What needs to be researched?

Of course deepen knowledge about the types of materials and machines. This is a basic thing that must be known because it will relate to capital. The fabrics that will be used of course have different prices, right?

Producing your own hijab from home is not impossible because basically it is easy. Unlike making clothes that are intricately patterned, the patterns for the hijab are much simpler. In general, only precise cuts are required on each side of the fabric.

What about the amount of production that must be met? Of course this must be adjusted to the number of machines and workers. Then also adjust to the number of requests.

Try to have received orders before making so that there is no stock accumulation. It is undeniable that marketing activities are influential here.

For the area of ​​​​the hijab manufacture, on a small scale, it may be possible to use a garage or room at home. Or if the budget is sufficient, you can rent an empty house to be used as a production location.

All of this goes back to the budget you have. Machines that must be owned are sewing machines, overlays, cutting machines, and neci machines.

How to Start Your Own Production Hijab Business

If the intention to do business is solid and all the research has been done, then there is no need to wait long for execution. At least, there are several steps that must be passed so that the business can run smoothly.

Here is the explanation:

1. Define Market Segment

Why is this placed first? Because this market segment will be very influential on the production process and marketing is also a matter of determining the selling price.

How to do segmentation? That is, with at least 4 mappings based on demography, geography, psychography, and behavior.

How to produce the hijab itself must begin by classifying these consumers, it will get a group of people who will later become targets. Once known, it will be easier to determine what kind of hijab product is suitable, what the selling price is, as well as the variants they like, as well as their shopping behavior.

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2. Determining the Hijab Model

After knowing which market segment to target, then immediately determine the trending model. In one group of consumers may have more than one type of hijab that is in demand.

Knowledge about this can be obtained from many sources such as the internet and social media. Seeing the products that are sold in e-commerce can also help, you know.

Do you need to modify the model? If you are sure that you will be accepted, it is certainly okay to add details, improve patterns, patterns, or even create your own characteristics.

Usually, for convenience, create with a theme system. This method makes it easier for producers to make patterns, patterns, and even determine colors.

3. Choosing the Right Material

There are so many kinds of fabrics that can be turned into a scarf. So, after determining the segment and model, do the selection of materials.

What must be prioritized when carrying out this stage is prioritizing consumer convenience. Hijab buyers generally look for products that absorb sweat, are light, easy to shape, and are not slippery.

Now, after knowing what consumers want, you can start hunting for materials. What is currently trending is materials such as voal, cotton, cigar, even to silk blends.

Do not forget that the type of material will determine the cost of production as well as the selling price. Do not rush and do this process with great care and consideration.

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4. Determining the Price

Beginner business people generally still have a general mindset of consumers, namely they want cheap or affordable products. In fact, the price strategy can be played in such a way depending on the market segment.

The middle class is usually still willing to pay a little more for good quality goods. While the lower class only think about cheap prices.

Do not also forget the components that make up the price, which consists of raw materials and other costs plus profit margins. So if you have a question, can you sell it at a high price right away?

The answer, of course, is yes as long as it fulfills all the requirements, namely quality products, selling to the right segments, and through the right channels.

5. Choosing Online Marketing Media

Now is the era of branding. And the most preferred place to do so is the internet. What can be done?

First, you can try making an online shop website as well as a blog. In addition to strengthening the brand, this can be used as a way to boost sales. How to produce your own hijab will not be successful without proper marketing.

Then, online marketing media are usually also more efficient than conventional ones such as advertising in newspapers, television, billboards, or radio.

What is needed to be successful in marketing on the internet is to regularly create relevant content. This content can be in the form of articles, photos, promo banners, and more. Upload on social media and websites.

6. Expand Sales Network

There are various ways to sell products so that they can be marketed to the wider community. One of them is by trying reseller and dropship systems as well as selling directly to end consumers. In addition to increasing sales figures, reseller and dropship systems are also effective at introducing products to the public.

Generally, resellers will be keen to sell to pursue profits or sales fees. They are like salespeople for product owners. Keep good relations with them, especially those who have a wide network because they can sell headscarves in large quantities.

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7. Respond to Change

The world of fashion is very dynamic and changing rapidly. What was trending last month is not necessarily still in demand today. For that, carefully observe all things and practice the ability to predict something.

A few years ago, paris material was in great demand by Muslim women, but now voal is the most preferred fabric because of its softness and comfort.

Likewise with patterns, motifs, patterns, and colors. Don’t hesitate to benchmark against other Muslim countries, find out what’s trending there. You can also, you know, monitor fashion events.

All of that is very useful in creating new creations. Create a characteristic, but also must remain dynamic in the face of change.

That’s above how to produce your own hijab and all the stages.

In conclusion, this business can be started from a small scale at home with equipment that is also not difficult to obtain. Marketing can be done through internet-based digital marketing.

Good luck.