How to Start a Vegetable Packing Business & Strategies for Running It

By | December 25, 2021

The vegetable packing business is selling well in the current covid period. There are several factors that make this business so successful. One of the main factors is that many people are starting to be aware of their immune system.

Of course everyone already knows, that consuming healthy foods such as vegetables will improve body health.

Seeing the great opportunity of this business, so now many people are trying it.

Actually, it is natural that many are interested in doing this business. Apart from being easy to get vegetables, sellers can sell them offline or online.

Well how about you? Are you also interested in trying it? ????

Let’s see the explanation further!

How to Start & Open a Vegetable Packing Business

After knowing the opportunities from the business of selling vegetables, it is time to determine several things, such as the types of vegetables you want to sell to the target market. That way, entrepreneurs or sellers can determine the right strategy for selling.

For those of you who want to try this business, there are some initial steps that need to be considered when starting a vegetable business.

These include the following:

1. Determine the Target Business Market

The first thing that must be determined by sellers is the target market they want to reach. If you want to sell it to your neighbors, then try to ask about the types of vegetables they need.

Meanwhile, if the intended target market is young people or office workers, then provide vegetables in small and varied quantities.

The target market will also influence the choice of places to sell these vegetables. If the target market is neighboring mothers, then the seller can start this business at home.

However, if you want a wider target, then try a place that can be reached by many people at once. If you sell offline, a busy place is for example a market. And if you are selling online, then the place is in the marketplace/e-commerce.

2. Determine the type of vegetables to be sold

When you have determined the target market, then do a market survey to find out the types of vegetables to be sold. There are many types of vegetables that can be sold. Starting from spinach, mustard greens, kale, eggplant, etc.

But because there are so many types, novice vegetable traders may not be able to sell all of them at once. Therefore, one way to determine what vegetables have the potential to be sold is to conduct a market survey.

This survey can be done through social media or directly asking potential buyers. Know what vegetables they need daily and the amount. That way, business people can determine the number of vegetables that must be sold every day.

3. Looking for a Vegetable Supplier

One of the keys to getting maximum profit is looking for cheap and quality vegetable suppliers. But remember, don’t be easily tempted by cheap prices without paying attention to the quality of the vegetables.

Keep in mind that vegetables are perishable foods, so make sure to buy vegetables that are still fresh.

Try to come to the supplier directly rather than having to go to the market. The price offered by the supplier when compared to the price in the market will certainly be different.

Usually the price at the supplier is much cheaper. But of course there are consequences if you decide to buy from a supplier, namely you have to buy in large quantities. So maybe this method is not suitable for beginner vegetable traders.

Another way to get quality vegetables at low prices is to do their own cultivation. In addition to cheaper prices, business people do not need to doubt the quality.

However, this last method also has its drawbacks, namely that cultivating your own vegetables is not easy. So if you want to go with this method, then make sure to learn how to do it properly.

4. Doing Packing

If you have bought various types of vegetables, it’s time to put the vegetables into the container.

Determine the vegetable container by type. Make sure the vegetables are dry when you put them in the container. This is to avoid faster spoilage. Don’t forget to weigh each vegetable, which will help determine its selling price later.

One type of container that can be used for vegetables is plastic or wrapping. Wrapping food in plastic will prevent the food from spoiling quickly. It will also protect it from outside dirt.

If you are finished packing, don’t forget to put the vegetables in the refrigerator, until later they will be taken back when sold to buyers.

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5. Selling Vegetables

If all the vegetables are ready, it’s time to sell the vegetables to the predetermined target market. For those who sell them offline or from home, the vegetables can be placed on the table so that buyers can choose them directly. And especially for vegetables that wilt quickly, then put them in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

On the other hand, if you use an online sales system, all vegetables must be stored in the refrigerator until they are sent to the buyer. This is so that the vegetables can be accepted by buyers in fresh conditions.

6. Doing Online & Offline Marketing

For those who want a wider market reach, then try the offline and online vegetable packing business. So besides selling vegetables to your neighbors (offline), also try selling them online (via WhatsApp or social media).

The sales system with the WhatsApp or social media system can be done by informing in advance the types of vegetables that will be available tomorrow (along with the price).

Next, let potential buyers decide what they want to buy by contacting the seller. To ensure that buyers from WhatsApp or social media don’t run away, make sure they pay for their orders first.

If buyers are starting to get busy and are in various areas, then try to create an application as a place for sales. That way, sellers don’t have to bother replying to chats from potential buyers.

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7. Provide Attractive Prices & Promos

Currently, there are quite a number of mobile vegetable sellers and online vegetable traders. Therefore, the novice vegetable packing business businessman must be able to set a strategy to be able to compete with other traders.

One strategy that can be used is to sell yesterday’s stock vegetables at a lower price. Of course, with the condition that the vegetables still look fresh because they are stored in the refrigerator.

Vegetables purchased every day will not necessarily run out on that day. If this happens, then try selling yesterday’s vegetables at a lower price. In this way, your business can get more customers because your product is considered cheaper than others.

Or it could be by bundling promos with new products to attract more buyers. But make sure the selling price remains above the product’s capital price so you don’t lose.

8. Add Other Products

In addition to selling vegetables, veg
etable packing business businesses can also sell other products such as fish, meat and fruit.

But remember; be sure to do a market survey first to determine what other types of products will be sold. This is to prevent the product from being sold so that it rots.

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Business people can also implement an open PO system.

What is an open PO system?

So you can tell what kind of additional products you have for sale tomorrow. Examples such as fruit, tilapia fish, etc. Then you just buy according to the number of products ordered. That way, no residual product will be wasted.

Running a vegetable packing business is relatively easy but there are also difficult sides.

Example; Finding a cheap supplier is not difficult, but ensuring that all merchandise can be sold is the challenging part. So before starting this business, make sure you have done a market survey to find out the prospects for this business in the area.

Hopefully useful and successful for you.