How to Sort Your Gmail Inbox by Sender, Subject, and Label

By | April 4, 2022

Gmail is a great tool, but it falls short when it comes to offering an intuitive way to sort your inbox. Luckily, there’s an easy solution that gives you more control over finding messages. Let’s see how to organize and sort Gmail.

Sort Gmail by Sender

There’s no easy way to sort Gmail by sender, but there are a few tricks that can help you see all the emails you’ve gotten from one person.

The quickest way is most useful if you’ve had an email from that individual recently, though you can use it whenever you’re in your inbox.

Go to your inbox, search for any email from the sender you want to select, then right-click on that email. From the menu that opens select Find email from.

Almost instantly you’ll see a list of all the emails you’ve ever received from that sender, even the old ones you’ve been filing for a long time. You’ll also see full contact info for that sender, making it easy to message them or start a video call.

Don’t see the sender you want immediately visible in your inbox? Does not matter. Type the person’s name or email address into the Gmail search box first. Then right-click on any of the messages it finds and select Find email again.

Sort Emails From Any Sender

You can sort your Gmail inbox by any sender without knowing the person’s name. Go back to the Google search bar and notice the small downward-facing triangle on the right. This is the Show Search options button.

Click the arrow and you’ll see a box that offers different ways to find the message.

You can define parameters to find emails that include or don’t have certain words. This option finds them throughout the email, not just the subject, and is useful when you can only remember what the conversation was about. You can also filter the results to include only messages with attachments.

Play around with the abilities of the search box and become familiar with it. Use the Date in option to limit your search to a specific time frame, for example. When you find the sender you’re looking for, use the Find emails from option to generate a complete list of messages.

If you prefer not to use the search option, there are other methods to try.

Like Google, Gmail recognizes advanced search operators. Type to: bob in the main search bar to find all the emails you’ve sent to people named Bob.

Sort Your Gmail Inbox By Subject

Sometimes you need to sort Gmail by subject. Maybe you need to find all the emails people are sending about an upcoming family reunion.

Go back to the Google search bar and bring up additional search options. One of the boxes allows searching by subject. As you may remember from the previous tips, you can also search messages for specific words. Type several relevant words get-togethers, get-togethers, events, and so on in the Include words box, separated by commas.

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Finally, turn your attention to the Search option at the bottom of the box. By default, it is set to search all your emails. If this is too broad, change it to search only messages filtered to a specific inbox or given a specific label.

What if someone tells you they sent a message, but you don’t see it in your inbox? You can search for Spam and Junk like this too. If an email is mistaken for junk email or you delete it, it’s not lost if it’s still in the trash.

Keep in mind that Gmail automatically deletes all messages in the Trash after 30 days.

Search Messages With Specific Labels

In the last section, we briefly bring up the labels. If you’re not familiar with labels in Gmail, think of them as folders. Assigning labels to emails is the same as moving them to a folder, and you can use labels to sort your inbox.

Apply Labels to Emails

First, select any message in the inbox. When it opens, you will see a row of icons above it. Choose one with a tag-like image. That’s the Gmail Label button. Click to bring up a list of all previously created labels. Select Create new to create a new one.

You can also label multiple messages at the same time by selecting each checkbox (this is great for when you want to delete messages in bulk).

Do that before clicking the label button at the top of the Gmail interface. You can also label a message after clicking into it instead of the main inbox.

Sort Emails by Label

Now that we’ve covered applying labels, let’s apply that knowledge to email sorting, courtesy of labels.

Very easy to do; simply click the tag label either in the email itself (shown above) or in the sidebar of your inbox (shown below).

Automatically Apply Labels to Sent Messages

As you can see here, applying labels is a quick and easy process. However, that’s one more thing to keep in mind while keeping an eye on your inbox. If you’re a busy person, you might choose not to take that step.

You can use labels when creating filters to sort and organize your inbox. Better yet, a free app, with a premium plan available, called Gmelius automatically places a label on sent messages.

After downloading the app, go to its dashboard and find the Productivity tab. Then, look for the Send option and add a Label. Apply that option and reload your inbox. Then, check the label icon next to the submit app button. It looks like a small ribbon and indicates you have enabled auto-labeling.

To see how Gmelius works, send a message through Gmelius. Clicking the send button for the email makes the labeling box appear. Scroll through the list to select one or use the convenient search box. Then, click the Label and Send option at the bottom.

If you finally give Gmelius a try, there are several ways to personalize your inbox. They are not concerned with message sorting but include other useful possibilities. Since you know how to sort your inbox, why not do more with this feature-rich app?

Download: Gmelius | Chrome | Safaris | Android | iOS (Limited free with annual plan starting at $9/month)

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