How to Solve Server Error (5xx) in Google Search Console

By | December 19, 2021

Indexing activity with Google Search Console may have become a normal activity for a Blogger after writing an article that has been typed before.

With the Google Search Console, it will be easier for articles to be perched in the top 10 positions of Google’s page one, which is where the position is the hope for the position of the Blogger articles who wrote the article.

Well, in addition to submitting a sitemap, you can also index articles specifically using the “Fetch As Google” feature.

The features in my opinion are the same as submitting a sitemap, only this feature seems more specific to requests to crawl one article.

But for some reason, suddenly Google Search Console experienced an error in the form of the “5xx” code, aka server error. So what exactly is this or why? Just take a look at the reasons below!

So why am I experiencing this Server Error (5xx) when I want to request an article index to Google?

Usually, the Server Error (5xx) that occurs when you want to Fetch As Google is because the Google index server is in error, is down or is busy.

If you are experiencing this on a Smartphone, then try opening Search Console and indexing from a PC only, or vice versa.

If you are still experiencing a 5xx server error, look carefully for any errors that are read on the Index → Coverage.

If Google Search Console does not detect any errors from your website, then you can leave this Error Server (5xx) until if this problem is resolved by itself.

Google Search Console Index Coverage
Google Search Console Index Coverage

However, if Search Console reads that there is an error on your website here, then you will also be notified about how to resolve the error by Google Search Console itself.

So basically this is a common error and should not be exaggerated. You can also see other articles about other errors in Google Search Console, namely “Structured Data Can’t Be Parsed”.

In the case that I experienced while waiting for this 5xx error, I first encountered this error at 11.34. 6 hours later at 17:39, this problem finally resolved itself.

As another alternative to indexing your website articles quickly, you can submit your website sitemap at Sitemap → Add new sitemap.