How to Solve “Disabled by administrator, encryption policy, or credential storage” On Full Image Android Lock Screen

By | December 29, 2021

Almost all of us must be average smartphone users (both based on Android, iOS and so on) in hand.

And maybe 98% of Typing Pedia’s web readers definitely have one (even more) smart cellular phone or what we often call a smartphone.

But how about this, when I change the security option from swipe to PIN/Password, suddenly when I want to change it back to swipe security option again, there is a reading “Disabled by administrator, encryption policy, or credential retention”.

Well, this is due to a credential storage problem. The fix itself is very easy, just check out how to reactivate the disabled screen lock option below, OK!

1. Go to settings/Settings (Settings if English)


2. Then go to the security tab (Security if English)


Whoa, where is this? My smartphone has no security.

If so, just look for the option in the settings menu (Settings) related to security (Security).

3. If you are already in the security menu, look for Options “Credential Storage”

4. Then select the option “Clear Credentials” (Clear Credentials if English)

Clear Credentials (Clear Credentials)

5. Then check the swipe/swipe lock option again. And now the swipe/swipe lock option is back!

Finished! now check again whether the swipe lock option feature can be returned or not. A little additional information, This is due to the Android Credential certificate feature.

Those credentials are certificates, and the credential certificates themselves serve to keep the system secure from intruders.

It’s the same as Phishing, Cracker, theft of smartphone owner data, and to prevent unknown people other than the owner from getting into the root of the Android system.

How easy is it?