How to Show Contacts Not Appearing On Whatsapp Hp Xiaomi

By | January 13, 2022

Xiaomi contact problem – How how to solve contacts not showing on whatsapp cellphone xiaomi ? Of course it will be a problem if xiaomi phone can’t bring up contacts in whatsapp app. This is because the WhatsApp application has now become one of the chat applications that are often used by Android smartphone users. So if the whatsapp contact is not visible on the xiaomi cellphone, it will make it difficult for us to communicate with our friends through the application.

The problem of contacts not appearing on whatsapp on xiaomi devices is actually not something new anymore. There have been many xiaomi android phone users who have complained about whatsApp can’t read the contacts on the xiaomi cellphone even though we have saved our friend’s number on the phonebook of the xiaomi device. So what exactly is it? the cause of the xiaomi cellphone can’t display contacts in the whatsapp application the ? We need to know, the reason why contacts are not visible on whatsapp on xiaomi cellphones is actually only because of the security settings installed on xiaomi cellphones so WhatsApp can’t read contacts.

Therefore Smartphone Solution this time I will try to give tips on setting up contacts on xiaomi cellphones so that WhatsApp can bring up the number of our friends who don’t appear. So we don’t need to worry anymore if we have tried to update the wa contact but still the whatsapp friend’s cellphone number does not appear on the xiaomi cellphone that we have. Although there are many factors that cause the contact number in the phone book of the Xiaomi cellphone to not be visible in the WhatsApp application, here we will review in full about how to show whatsapp contacts on xiaomi phone in the review below.

How to Show Contacts Not Appearing On Whatsapp Hp Xiaomi

how to solve whatsapp contacts not showing on xiaomi

But before we start discussing the xiaomi cellphone contact settings that make mobile contacts not appear in the WhatsApp contacts of the device, it would be better if we try to find out in advance the reason why the wa contacts don’t want to be seen. Below are several factors that can make phone contacts not appear in the WhatsApp contacts on our xiaomi cellphones, including:

Cause whatsapp contacts don’t appear on xiaomi cellphones

  • The first cause that makes our friend’s number not appear in the wa application is because our friend is not using WhatsApp Messenger
  • In addition, the reason why WhatsApp contacts don’t appear is that we don’t save our friends’ phone numbers using the international phone format. International telephone format is writing in telephone contacts according to the code of each country, for example, for Indonesia it starts with +62 or at the beginning of writing telephone contacts does not include 0. For example: +62 812 2345 6789.
  • WhatsApp application has not been allowed to access phone contacts. And this is the factor that makes WhatApp contacts don’t appear which often happens on most types of xiaomi cellphones because in cellphone settings it’s not allowed to access phone contacts.

So actually the solution so that contacts can be seen on WhatsApp what we need to do is to change the settings so that WhatsApp is allowed to read contacts via Security > Permissions > Permissions > WhatsApp > Read your contacts > Accept. But for more details, let’s just take a look at the complete review below:

How to solve WhatsApp contacts not appearing on Xiaomi cellphones

  1. The first step we need to do is to go to the Settings Menu and tap on the Installed Apps option
  2. After that on the menu there will be many applications installed and look for “WhatsApp Application”
    how to solve whatsapp contacts not showing on xiaomi
  3. Then swipe down and go to “Manage Permissions”
  4. On the menu, the “Read your contact” option will appear, on the right there is a red “x” and then click it.
  5. Once clicked, we will get a notification and just click “Accept” so that after that “Read your Contacts” will turn into a green checklist.
    how to solve whatsapp contacts not showing on xiaomi
  6. The final step so that hidden wa contacts can appear what we need to do is go to the WhatsApp application >> Contacts >> Click the menu at the top and Update and you will see some friends who are already using WhatsApp as shown below.
    how to solve whatsapp contacts not showing on xiaomi

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That’s our meeting this time, which just discussed how to deal with contacts invisible whatsapp on the xiaomi cellphone. In general, if the “xiaomi contact problem” problem only comes from contact settings, we can use the above method to bring up wa contacts that are not visible on some types of xiaomi cellphones such as xiaomi redmi note 3, xiaomi redmi note 4, xiaomi redmi 4a and other types other xiaomi. That is all and thank you ..

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