How to Set VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

By | December 17, 2021
How to Set VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

VPN is one of the features that can now be found on all types of cellphones including Xiaomi. With this feature, users can get full security to open blocked content.

However, unfortunately this one feature has not been widely used by Xiaomi users (because they don’t know the function and how to set it). To be able to use it, let’s learn how to set up a VPN on Xiaomi.

Types of VPNs Available For Xiaomi

Before learning in more detail about how to set up a VPN on Xiaomi, users must know the types that exist first. Currently, there are two types of VPN that Xiaomi users can use, free and paid.

The free feature is innate from the cellphone directly so that it can be used directly by cellphone owners. However, the features are incomplete and cannot be used for all purposes.

As for paid VPNs, users must first subscribe to be able to enjoy all the existing facilities. This VPN will provide maximum protection to its users when they are not or are using the internet.

There is also a support technician from the application who is ready to help from the beginning of the purchase to the end.

To determine which type of VPN is best to use, this depends on the usage.

If you have a lot of important data and at the same time often use the internet for browsing, then the paid one is the best choice. Besides being able to secure data, users can open content that is usually blocked.

When choosing a paid VPN, make sure to choose a provider that is safe and reliable.

Don’t be easily tempted by providers who offer low prices but complete facilities because they will usually sell their customers’ data. This is of course even dangerous for users and the data they have.

How to do VPN settings on a Xiaomi cellphone

Whatever type of VPN you choose, before you can use it, users must first make settings. Otherwise, both the default and premium VPN will not work.

For new users, here are some settings that must be done first before being able to use it:

1. Go to Settings

How to Setting VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

Open section Arrangement which is on their respective HP. Usually this menu is marked with an image of a steering wheel or round gear. When it’s open, select the menu Other and choose part VPN.

2. Add VPN Settings

How to Setting VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

Next, press the button + which is at the bottom center of the screen. Later, several fields will appear that must be filled in by users starting from the name, type to the server.

For the name column, give whatever name you want, it can be a new VPN, type of cellphone, etc. As for the type, leave it according to the settings, but if it is empty, make sure it is filled with PPTP.

For those who will fill in the server address, make sure to enter one that is still active and can be used. To find an address that is still active, then go to the official site vpnbook. Here there will be many active servers that can be used.

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Make sure to select the address according to the pre-selected VPN type. Choose one, copy and paste in the address field to be able to use it.

When retrieving a VPN address, don’t forget to write down the username and password. Both data will be used to log into the VPN before you can use it. Keep in mind that passwords and usernames cannot be copied, so they must be recorded manually.

3. Entering Username & Password

How to Setting VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

If all the settings have been entered, then click save to save it. Next, enter the previously recorded username and password to log into the VPN.

To avoid having to enter data multiple times, check the save information next to the column. When you are logged in, just select Connect in order to use it.

The username or password used here cannot be changed, so be sure to remember it. If suddenly one of them becomes invalid, then try to check again on the VPN site or replace it with a new address.

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4. Downloading VPN Apps

How to Setting VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

For those of you who don’t want to be complicated by all means Settings VPN on Xiaomi, then one alternative that can be done is to download the application. There are many applications that can be downloaded such as and TunnelBear.

Usually every application has a free account and there is also a premium one, so users can choose the type they want.

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5. Installing Apps & Paying Subscription Fees

How to Setting VPN on Xiaomi for Free or Paid

If it has been downloaded, then install the application and enter the required data. Especially for application usage, there are not too many information fields to enter, apart from the name and type.

In addition, for those who want to use a premium VPN, don’t forget to pay the subscription fee. Fees for premium VPNs usually start from IDR 50,000, depending on the facilities offered.

So, for those who want to use a VPN, first determine the type you want to use, whether you want free or paid.

If you don’t need a complete application, then the free one is enough and can be obtained directly on each cellphone. As for those who want more complete features, then download additional applications such as

Before you can use it, make sure to know how to set up VPN on Xiaomi. Because if it’s not set up, especially for free, the VPN won’t work.

As for those who use the application, just fill in the name and the desired type. For those who want it to be simple without having to make settings, then download the application as well.

Hope it is useful.