How to Set Android Wifi To Speed ​​Up Internet Connection

By | December 14, 2021

wifi connection – How how to speed up wifi internet connection on android phone ? Unlike the internet network in general on an android phone / tablet, the range of the WiFi signal is very limited. Therefore, for those of you who have a multi-storey residence or work in an office that has a large room, a router or repeat may be needed to speed up and ensure WiFi coverage is not weak. However, even though the wifi coverage is quite strong, your Android device’s wifi has problems of course wifi connection your android phone will not be stable.

Android will not disconnect from the first WiFi network until the signal strength decreases to zero which is a problem with android wifi. So we need a how to speed up internet connection with wifi android. Because this problem will make your android smartphone will not move to another WiFi network, even though there is a faster wifi connection than the wifi network that our android phone is currently connecting to.

Don’t let the slow 2g / 3g or 4g internet network problems spread on WiFi networks that previously had fast internet connections now become slow. Therefore in the post smartphone solutions this time, we will try to share tips about how to speed up wifi connection on android without root which we will write in full below.

How to Set Android Wifi To Speed ​​Up Internet Connection

how to speed up wifi internet connection

1. Use a Quality Browser on Your Android Phone

  • The first way to speed up an android wifi internet connection without root is that you have to use the best and quality browser. Use a good and quality browser, don’t just look at the small browser file size. Browsers that are good and quality according to our observations are Google Chrome, UC Browser and Opera Mini. In addition to having good quality, the browser is suitable for how to speed up android wifi connections because it doesn’t take up too much RAM.

2. Be diligent to clean cache and history

  • The next way to speed up an android wifi internet connection without root is that you have to clear the cache and history on the browser you are using. So you should do an easy way to speed up this Android WiFi connection as often as possible or at least every 2 days. The best time is every day before you browse in the morning. By deleting all cache and history it will make your browser like new again. Because if you don’t clear cache and history, the browser’s performance will decrease and become slow.

3. Install the Wifi Switcher Application

  • The next way to speed up android wifi internet connection without root is to download the application Wifi Switcher and don’t forget to make sure the developer is Cloudie Development. Because if you do a search on the Google Play Store, there are several applications with the same name. If your android phone is already running Android Marshmallow or above, you must give Wifi Switcher permission to know your location the first time you open the application.

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4. Setting Up Android Wifi Network

  • After granting a permit, you will go directly to the main page containing a list of WiFi around you. So you can make sure you have connected your Android phone to all available WiFi networks in the office. Just drag down to refresh if Wifi Switcher can’t show WiFi list. Then just tick the WiFi network you choose. Wifi Switcher will ensure that devices only connect to networks marked as “Preferred” from now on.

5. Setting Signal Strength Limits

  • After marking the WiFi network, the last step as a way to speed up android wifi internet connection without root is to set a WiFi strength limit so that the device can switch from one preferred router or repeater before your device connects to a stronger WiFi. To do this, press the three-dot button in the upper right corner >> open the Settings menu.

In addition, you can also activate the option Ask Before Switching to get notified when the network is about to switch and also Show Full SSID which is especially helpful if the WiFi router has a very long name. That’s our article this time that reviews about speeding up wifi internet connections on android phones. If the internet connection is still slow you can use application to speed up internet connection for android phone, That is all and thank you ..

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