How to Send Money from Overseas Using PayPal

By | February 27, 2022

Living abroad, whether it’s for work or school, is not an obstacle if you want to send money to your homeland. How to send money from abroad to Indonesia is getting easier. Technological developments allow people to send money from abroad quickly and easily.

There are many ways to send money from abroad. However, in this discussion, we will focus on one of the most widely used, namely PayPal. What is PayPal like and how does it work? Read this article to the end, yes.

How to Send Money from Overseas Using PayPal

PayPal is an online account where users can use it for various needs. For example, shopping and paying for products online and sending money to other people. PayPal can also be linked to a credit card or local bank account.

In general, PayPal is a digital payment system that replaces traditional or conventional methods of checking and transferring money at banks. PayPal is widely used by people to pay for groceries on Ebay or Amazon. Don’t forget to send money from abroad to Indonesia.

In Indonesia, PayPal is rarely used and less popular. Services from PayPal, among others, can be used to receive remittances from bank accounts, send money between PayPal owners, send money from PayPal to bank accounts, and also pay for online purchases.

To be able to send money from abroad using PayPal, one must first have a PayPal account. Its creation is quite easy because it only requires an email for activation. PayPal account registration can be done on the official PayPal website or download the PayPal application on a smartphone.

Reasons Why People Use PayPal

PayPal is used as a way to send money from abroad not without reason. As is known that transfers from abroad will incur some fees. These costs can sometimes be very expensive. PayPal, set a fee that is quite reasonable and relatively cheap.

The remittance fee charged by PayPal is 3 percent of the total transaction if sending money to a non-PayPal account. It is certainly cheaper when compared to other shipping methods. For delivery to a PayPal account, the sender will not be charged.

In addition, how to send money from abroad using PayPal is worth a try because it is easy. All remittances or payments within the country can be done only via a smartphone. The PayPal application can be downloaded easily on the App Store or Google Play Store.

The ease of top up PayPal balance is also one of the reasons why this method is widely used. People who live abroad can top up through their local bank account. As for people in Indonesia, top up can be done via credit card.

Sending money from abroad using PayPal is also quite fast, which is 24 hours. This is certainly faster when compared to Western Union which takes up to 2 days. In addition, user data is also protected by PayPal so that transactions can run safely.

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How to Send Money from Overseas Via PayPal

For students or workers living abroad, sending money regularly to their hometown is very important. For this reason, PayPal as an online payment facility that is widely used by people abroad provides a solution. Here are some ways to send money from abroad with the help of PayPal:

1. Create a PayPal Account

To be able to send money using PayPal, a person must have an account. The account can be obtained by registering on the PayPal official website, or through the PayPal application. Make sure your email and personal data are available completely, because the registrant will be asked to fill in this.

Registration can be done on the site. The minimum age to have a PayPal account is 18 years. This PayPal account can be linked to a pre-owned local bank account. A PayPal account that has been created can be used immediately for transactions.

2. Login PayPal App

After the account has been created, enter the PayPal application on the smartphone by entering the user id and password. When logging in for the first time, the user will be asked to fill in a question in the security question field. Click Send so that the verification process can be carried out.

3. Check Balance

To be able to send money from PayPal, the PayPal account must be filled with balance. If you are abroad, you can top up your balance via internet banking, ATM or coming to the bank. Abroad on average all banks can be used as a source of funds for PayPal accounts. First, top up the balance up to the amount you want to send or it could be more.

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4. Money Transfer

After making sure the balance is available, the next step is to send the money. Choose menu Money Transfer then enter the amount of money to be sent. Enter the destination PayPal name or destination bank account if the recipient does not have a PayPal account. After that, click Send and the process of sending money is complete.

The recipient will receive the money within 24 hours, or at the latest 48 hours. PayPal and the bank need to do a checking process and this usually takes time. However, generally all processes will be completed within 24 hours. The sender can notify the recipient that the money has been successfully sent.

Things that need to be considered

Sending money from PayPal is very easy and safe. But still there are things that must be considered in transacting with PayPal. One of them is the problem for the conversion rate problem.

PayPal regulates the policy regarding this conversion rate. This happens if the currency used to send the money is different from the currency of the recipient. For example, someone sent Canadian Dollar to Indonesia which will be received in the form of Rupiah. There will be a conversion rate of CAD to IDR which is calculated by Currency Calculator on PayPal.

The sender should do the calculations first before sending money. Regarding rate conversion, please note that PayPal does not yet provide services for currencies Rupee. In fact, India is one of the countries with the fastest economic development.

In addition to rate problems, receiver problems are also often a problem. Since PayPal is not as popular as other methods, recipients are often confused when it comes to withdrawing money. Especially if the recipient is not a PayPal owner either. So, it’s a good idea to ask the recipient to create a PayPal account as well.

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The last thing to note is the issue of transaction vulnerabilities. As is known that PayPal can be used all over the world. This means there is a potential for misuse of transactions because PayPal is very open. Many scams in the name of PayPal. We recommend that you pay attention to and re-verify transactions using PayPal.

In conclusion, how to send money from abroad can easily be done with PayPal. The cost of sending money is cheap and the process is quite fast. Easy PayPal account creation makes many people abroad make this method a solution for sending money to Indonesia.

Hopefully this short article is useful for all of you.

Author by : Bang izal.