How to Sell the Best-selling & Profitable Diamond Mobile Legend

By | December 30, 2021

Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legend game? With its exciting gameplay, this game has become one of the favorite games in the world. In order not only to spend time playing, players can also learn how to sell mobile legend diamonds to make money.

Diamond is the money used in Mobile Legend. If you have a lot of diamonds, players can buy skins, upgrade weapons to buy heroes.

But keep in mind that diamonds cannot be obtained for free, but must be obtained with effort. Or for those with money, you can buy diamonds freely on the accounts that sell them.

Let’s see the review to the end.

How to Start a Diamond Sales Business in Mobile Legend

Seeing the importance of diamonds in the Mobile Legend game, many people are interested in starting this business. In addition to being needed, how to get diamonds is quite easy.

If any of you want to try this business, let’s look at some ways to sell mobile legend diamonds that can be done.

1. Become a Diamond Mobile Legend Reseller

Before being able to sell, the first thing that must be owned by sellers is a diamond mobile legend. To be able to get diamonds in large quantities, then register yourself as a reseller of one of the store platforms that provide diamonds.

Actually there are many diamond resellers available online, so make sure to choose the cheapest and best.

One of the most trusted diamond resellers in cyberspace is UniPin. To become a reseller, sellers simply need to open the official website and then register to become a reseller of the UnPin program.

Next, fill in the online form available on the site completely and in detail. Then submit the form and wait for unipin to contact you. Later, Unipin will explain in more detail about the technicalities and programs to become a Mobile Legend diamond reseller.

2. Determine the Diamond Selling Price

After successfully becoming a reseller, it’s time for sellers to determine the selling price of the diamonds that have been purchased. Sellers can sell diamonds in units or wholesale.

For example, if you buy 30 diamonds, the price is IDR 10,000. Meanwhile, if you buy 60 diamonds, the price becomes cheaper, which is Rp. 17,000.

Make several options for the number of diamonds sold and their prices. Make sure there is an attractive price for a large number of diamonds. That way, players will be more interested in buying diamond packages in large quantities.

You also have to know the selling price of diamonds on the market today. Do not set a price that is too high, but not too cheap either. Therefore, do a market survey first to determine the right price.

3. Selling Diamonds to Buyers

If you are already a reseller and get the right price, then it’s time to sell the diamond to buyers.

How to sell ML diamonds to players can actually be done in many ways, both using applications such as to manually. If you want an easy and reliable way, then use the help of applications such as

By using the application, buyers can directly buy diamonds using their own accounts. So, buyers don’t need to be afraid of being cheated by the sellers because all the buying process is done through the application.

On the other hand, those who don’t want to use the application can use the manual method to sell diamonds. Later, if someone buys a diamond, the diamond can be sent to the buyer’s account.

The first way to send diamonds to ML players is through live streaming. If the player is not doing this, then ask him to do it. Next, click on the gift icon on the right of the screen.

Another way to send diamonds to buyers is to top up through a friend’s account ID. So to be able to send diamonds to that person, ask for their ID and server. If you have got it, just top up the ID to the user.

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4. Selling Diamonds Through Game Services

The way to sell Mobile Legend diamonds, which is quite unique but attracts the attention of many people, is to use game services.

So, buyers here not only pay to get diamonds, but also pay someone to play their ML game.

Usually people will pay expert players to play their Mobile Legend until they can get a certain number of diamonds or reach a certain level.

5. Selling Own Diamonds

For those who do not have the capital to run this business, the way to sell Mobile Legend diamonds that can be done is by selling privately owned diamonds.

For players who are already experts in playing ML, then take advantage of the diamonds they have by selling them to other players. Besides being able to play as much as you want, players can also earn money!

So, when someone wants to buy a diamond, the players just need to send the diamond to other players using live streaming or top up ID. One sign to show this is by the number of diamonds decreasing.

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Several Strategies So that Diamond Mobile Legend can be sold in demand with sales

The business of selling Mobile Legend diamonds is not very well known or common in Indonesian society. In fact, if you see the number of people who are interested in this game, then this business can be very profitable. Apart from not requiring a lot of capital, everything can be done via a PC or mobile phone.

Even though it looks easy, diamond sellers still have to have a strategy so that all the diamonds that have been purchased or collected can be sold and make a profit.

Well, for those who are interested in selling, here are some strategies that can be run:

1. Offering Diamond Package Variations

If you want to get buyers from various circles, then offer diamonds in different amounts. In addition to selling diamonds in large quantities, try to sell diamonds in units.

Even though the profit seems small, if many people buy units, the profits can be more.

However, if you want a special target market, such as workers, then make an attractive diamond package such as a large number of diamonds. Next, make sure the price for the product with more quantity, the price becomes cheaper.

2. Hold Discounts / Bundling Packages

Make sure not to sell diamonds at too high a price. If necessary, do benchmarking between the selling price that has been set with other sellers.

If the price is not too much different, then try to hold discounts for certain times. That way, players will be more interested in buying diamonds.

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3. Keep Promoting

If you have decided to jump into this business, then do not be ashamed to continue to promote the business. Try to find a platform or social media that does have an ML community.

In addition, sellers can also spam the YouTube column of ML players. That way, the number of people who read the spamming is increasing.

So, for those who want to become a diamond seller, then try to learn how to sell Mobile Legend diamonds above. Besides there are several ways, be sure to also have t
he right strategy.

If all the purchased diamonds can be sold perfectly, then the profit obtained is quite large!

Hopefully the above information can be useful for you.