How to Run Android Apps on Google Chrome

By | December 14, 2021
How to Run Android Apps on Google Chrome

How to Run Android Apps on Google Chrome

Want to run Android apps quickly on your PC without downloading a heavy Android PC emulator? You can get a lightweight Android emulator Chrome extension online which can run most of the basic Android apps without any issues. I happened to come across an arguably perfect Chrome extension which is easy to use and runs most small apps and games.

Okay without further ado, here’s how to run Android apps on Google Chrome with the help of a chrome extension called Android online emulator.

Do not use this online Android emulator to run applications with confidential information, such as financial accounts. The information inside the emulator can be tracked by third parties and may lead to the account being stolen.

In order to run Android apps on Google Chrome, you have to download the extension Android online emulator which you can download directly on the Chrome web store or
from here, which is completely free but ad-supported. The emulator emulates an Android 8.0 Oreo tablet and comes with all the features that come with Android devices. It has internet access and you can navigate the emulator like an Android device using mouse and keyboard.

You can also log in to your Google account and access Google apps, and even download apps and games from the Play Store. But I recommend not using your personal Google account for security reasons.

If you have the APK of an app on your PC, it can also load it to run on the emulator immediately. And of course, just like other Android emulators, this emulator can also lag and slow if your PC doesn’t have enough power.

Click on the extension button and then click “Run Android online emulator“.

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A new tab will open, here click “Start” and wait for the emulator to load, then click “Enter“.

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The emulator will load and you should be able to see the main screen in the tablet layout, as shown below.

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You can navigate the emulator using your mouse pointer as a finger. Swipe up to see all installed apps and access settings to make changes. You can install apps from Google Play Store after signing in with Google account.

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If you want to run an app using an APK file, then first of all you need an APK file on your PC. You can download APK files of your favorite apps using Evozi APK downloader or other. Just copy/paste the app info from Google Play Store in the Evozi search bar and it will give you a info to download the APK file.

1. After that, click on the extension button and select “My Apk manager and Apk upload“.

2. Now click the button “APK Upload” and select the APK file on your PC.

3. Once uploaded, you can click on the button “Run APK” to launch the emulator.

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The app will load immediately and you can control it using the mouse. Unfortunately, no dedicated keyboard controls are offered to make it easier to use some apps. Although, it should work fine for most apps that don’t require multi-touch functionality.

Red Thread | In my experience, this emulator online Android extension is great for basic use to gain access to Android apps on your PC and experiment. You will also see some control options like the ones you find on a dedicated Android PC emulator, and it’s better that you use a physical keyboard to type and control this extension.