How to Restore Windows 10 File Explorer in Windows 11

By | December 14, 2021

This Samsul article will explain how to restore File Explorer 10 on Windows 11. The following is how you can change registry values ​​so that you can solve cases like this. We all know that Microsoft has redesigned File Explorer in Windows 11, but for some the new look of File Explorer is disappointing. Many menu items have disappeared from the submenu options, if you don’t like it, you can get Windows 10 Explorer back in Windows 11 with the simple step by step method below.

file explorer windows 11

Microsoft included several new Windows 11 features and redesigned the UI. The new Windows 11 Explorer look is hidden and has few options. If you’ve moved from Windows 10 to Windows 11, it’s quite difficult to deal with the new File Explorer because the Ribbon and traditional context menus are gone. Basic functions such as cut, paste and rename only have icons without any text above them, as well as a list of other features. But don’t worry, old File Explorer is not completely gone 100%, you can still keep Windows 10 File Explorer in Windows 11.

windows 11 classic file explorer

NOTES : Before you do anything on your computer, you should note that this tutorial may not work for some users – so, let’s see if it works. this has an impact on the new version of Windows 11. Looks like Microsoft has removed this function.

How to Restore Windows 10 File Explorer to Windows 11

1. First, press Windows + R to get the RUN window just type regedit, then click OK.

2. Navigate your path to:


3. Right click on the folder Advanced and make New > DWORD (32bit) Value.

restore win10 explorer on win11

4. Give a name Separate Process.

5. Double click on the new key and set the value data to 1 to activate the old Windows 10 Explorer in Windows 11.

2. restore win10 explorer on win11

6. Last click OK and Restart your computer. When you open File Explorer, you’ll find it reverts back to the classic Windows 10 interface.

TIPS : if you want to bring it back to Windows 11 File Explorer view, change value data becomes 0.

How to Activate Windows 10 Explorer in Windows 11 with File Explorer option

In this second method we will use the options located in File Explorer to change your Windows 11 back to classic. Here are the steps.

1. First, you have to open the window Folder Options. You can use search menu on the taskbar to be able to search for “Folder Options” or you open File Explorer on your laptop. Click three dots icon on the top menu bar and select Options.

file explorer options win11

2. Then, switch by clicking the tab View in the Folder Options window and check the box “Launch windows folder in a separate process

windows 11 options folder

3. Finally, you have to open the Task Manager and restart the Windows Explorer process as you did before.

How to Restore the classic File Explorer and Desktop Context Menu

From the two methods above, we can only switch back to the classic File Explorer context menu, but not the classic context menu on the desktop. You can get a more simplified menu.

If you want to get Windows 10 File Explorer and the classic desktop context menu, you can follow these instructions.

1. Download and Extract the file in ZIP.

2. After that, run the file classic.reg by double-clicking, click Yes to grant administrator permission, click Yes and OK.

3. Finally, you can Restart your computer.

4. On returning from reboot, you can get the old classic context menu in File Explorer and Desktop.

Download Classic Menu

That’s how you can restore Windows 10 File Explorer in Windows 11. If at the time of testing you feel you are not okay with everything. You can re-enable the new File Explorer view by editing the Registry.