How to reset canon MX377 error 5b02

By | February 21, 2022

Before resetting the printer, it must be in SERVICE MODE. How to read the following steps.
Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button. Don’t unplug the power cable
Press and Hold the STOP/RESET button followed by pressing the POWER Button. So both position buttons are pressed.

Release the STOP/RESET button but don’t release the POWER button. While the POWER button is still pressed, press the STOP/RESET button 6 times.
Then release both buttons at the same time, then the printer will be in Service Mode.

On your computer will detect new hardware. Ignore it . Download the latest service tool v.3400 (please search on google)


Prepare multiple sheets of paper in the printer
Run service tool v.3400
In the clear ink counter menu, select main black then set the printer to print 1 sheet
In the ink absorber counter menu select main color then set
Click eeprom, the printer will print 1 sheet (if you can’t just ignore it, go to step 6)
Select auto then start print print test print page wait until all menus are finished
Turn off your printer then turn it on again and your printer is ready to use

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