How to Remove Scratches on Android Phone Camera

By | August 23, 2022
Scratched android phone camera – How how to remove scratches on android phone camera ? Not a few android smartphone users who complain about the results of the pictures blurry android phone camera or dull. Even though of course we already know that now camera technology on cellphones is now starting to approach semi-professional cameras. Where the best camera lenses with large resolutions have been embedded in each of the latest mobile phone outputs.

Even so, the emergence of an Android cellphone with the best camera does not rule out the possibility that it will produce photos with good quality as well. But do you know if the photos from the Android phone camera that we have can’t focus, it’s one of the signs that the Android cellphone camera is starting to get dirty or has an unclean lens. Then how how to clean a scratched cellphone camera lens so that we can get the clear photos? In addition to a dirty cellphone camera, the image results are shaded every time we take pictures using the Android cellphone, it’s also possible because the cellphone camera is dewy.

Therefore at this meeting we Smartphone Solution will try to give tips on cleaning the camera glass on the Android cellphone that we have. Taking care of the Android cellphone camera, both inside and outside, can make one of our efforts so that the cellphone camera can again produce good photos. For that, if we find a smartphone camera lens that is starting to turn yellow, it’s a good idea to start cleaning the inside of the front camera lens of the cellphone. Let’s just take a look at some how to fix a scratched camera lens on an android phone which we have in full below.

How to Remove Scratches on Android Phone Camera

how to clean a scratched cellphone camera lens

With the condition of the glass or camera lens on the Android cellphone that is lined and starts to get dull, it will certainly make the performance decrease on the smartphone that we have. In addition to the photos that are not good, the camera with full scratches will also certainly make it difficult for us to record video. Where the results of the video recording will certainly have an image that is not clear when we play videos on android phone that we have.

For more details to solve the problem if the camera lens is scratched happens to us, let’s look at how to remove scratches on the camera lens glass of the android phone that we have below:

How to remove scratches on the camera lens glass of an Android phone

1. How to remove scratches on an Android cellphone camera using toothpaste

The first way to remove scratches on the Android cellphone camera is to use toothpaste. To clean the Android cellphone camera using the toothpaste, you can follow the steps below:

  • First of all, prepare some tools and materials that we will use, such as white toothpaste, cotton buds and micro viber cloth.
  • After that, apply a little toothpaste on the cotton bud that we prepared earlier
  • Then rub gently on the scratched part of the Android cellphone camera lens, it would be nice to turn it clockwise
  • Let stand for a while then clean the remnants of the toothpaste using a wet cloth and continue with the micro viber cloth

2. Change the camera lens of the android phone

Replacing the camera lens cap on the Android cellphone is the next step if using toothpaste can’t overcome the blurry Android cellphone camera because it’s scratched. To replace the camera lens cap on the Android phone, we only need to carefully pry the lens cap using a razor blade. After that, we just have to replace it with a new lens cap, but if we don’t have the funds to replace it then we can use clear tape as an alternative.

If by using toothpaste, the beret on the Android cellphone camera that we have has been lost, then we just have to take care of the cellphone camera so that it doesn’t get scratched again. Below are some ways to take care of the cleanliness of the smartphone camera lenses that we have, for example, such as:

How to clean a dirty Android cellphone camera lens

How to clean a dirty cellphone camera, we should not immediately clean it carelessly. It is feared that this will result in scratches on the smartphone camera lens that we have. For that, often to clean the Android cellphone camera from dust, it is usually effective if we use eucalyptus oil.

Cleaning fogged lenses

It is necessary for us to know that the results of blurry photo images from the camera shots of the android cellphone can be caused by dew on the glass of the cellphone lens. Storage in a humid place is one of the biggest factors that makes the Android cellphone camera foggy. Therefore, to remove the dew on the android cellphone camera, we can do it with the following steps:

  • First of all, we turn off the android smartphone that we have first
  • Then remove the android phone battery
  • After that, dry the android phone using a hair dryer so that the dew inside the android phone can be lost

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In addition to the two things above, if we want to take care of the Android cellphone camera that we have, it would be better if we also do the following things:

  • Don’t put your cellphone anywhere, especially a place that has a rough surface
  • Use silicon or motomo as a protective lens for our HP camera
  • Avoid direct collision with the rear camera
  • Rough surfaces can cause scratches on the HP lens cap.
  • Avoid storing your smartphone or cellphone in a humid place. Humid places can cause the HP camera lens to fog up
  • Try not to often put your cellphone in your pants pocket. Scratches or scratches on the cellphone camera lens can occur because the cellphone often rubs against the pants when it is put in a trouser pocket

Thus our meeting this time that we just discussed how to deal with the Android cellphone camera that has a lot of scratches. Hopefully our post can inspire us to continue to maintain and care for our Android smartphone, thank you so much.