How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

By | December 22, 2021
How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

How to Remove Photo Background – Editing photos to be more interesting is now easier with the presence of various photo editing applications. With just a few touches, users can change the photo to be more colorful to remove the photo background.

Well, one of the most frequently asked questions when editing photos is; how to remove photo background neatly?

Fortunately, there are now many applications that are ready to help remove the background on a photo. In addition to being easy, the results are neat and don’t look like they have been edited.

For those who want to try to remove photo backgrounds neatly and nicely, try several ways with the following applications:

1. Downloading Remove.Bg

How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

One of the applications on Android that can help remove the background easily and quickly is How to remove photo backgrounds with this application can be done automatically without the intervention of others.

First, download the photo you want to remove the photo background from. Furthermore, the application will automatically detect objects or photos of people in the photo.

Before being removed, the application will show a review of the photos that have removed the background. If it is appropriate, just click next and the background will disappear automatically.

After the background is gone, users can add a new background directly to the photo. However, if you want to keep it plain, then just save the photo on the desired device.

2. Using the Background Eraser

How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

With this application, users can choose to delete photos automatically or manually for better results. In addition, after editing photos, users can choose to save photos in the desired format.

How to remove photo background with this application is to download the photo first.

Next, crop the photo more closely to make the deletion process easier. If the photo is close enough, then select Done and select features Remove Photo Background.

Later, there will be three choices of ways to remove the background, namely: Manual, Auto and Extract.

To get the best results, use the features Auto with features Zoom.

After that you will see the background on the photo will disappear according to the recommendations from the application. However, if the results are not satisfactory, users can simply choose manual and delete the remaining parts with the help of zoom.

If you make a mistake when deleting, just click Undo to return it.

To tidy up the parts that are not neat, then use the features Smooth on the application so that the lines on the edges of the photo become smoother and more unified.

3. Erase With Ultimate Background Eraser

How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

The next app is Ultimate Background Eraser.

Just like the previous application, this application also provides an option to remove the background by using Manual and Automatic. If you want a fast and easy way, then choose Automatic. It’s just that the results may not be as good as the manual one.

Furthermore, to delete photos manually, users will be given tools that will help remove photo backgrounds.

The tools provided are also very complete so that people can remove every smallest part or background detail in photos. To simplify the deletion process, don’t forget to Zoom in into the photo.

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4. Downloading TouchRetouch

How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

A fairly sophisticated application that can be downloaded on Android and iPhone is TouchRetouch. Besides being able to remove photo backgrounds automatically, this application can also help remove disturbing parts or objects in photos.

Before removing the object or desired part of the photo, this application will be able to detect what objects are in the photo. Next, the user just selects the object that he wants to remove from the photo.

Later, the application will work automatically and remove the object. The results of the deletion of this application are also quite neat, but if you want it to look smoother, users just need to select the features Smooth to tidy up the photo.

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5. Using PhotoLayers

How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

For those who have a fairly complicated background, then the application that is suitable to help remove it is PhotoLayers.

In this application, users can only find the option to delete manually. However, don’t worry because this application has complete features to help remove even complicated backgrounds.

The first way to remove the photo background is to downloa
d the photo first. Next, select the eraser feature to start erasing the existing background.

For the initial process, use an eraser with a large size to make the process faster. Furthermore, for small parts, use smaller features or tools so that the results are more accurate and neat.

If you are finished or satisfied with the results, then just save the photo in the application.

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6. Erase With PhotoCut

How to Remove Photo Background Neatly & Smoothly

The last app on this list that can help remove the background is PhotoCut. As the name implies, PhotoCut has various features to make the removal process easier. In addition, there are also manual and automatic options that users can choose from.

If you want a fast process, then select the delete method Automatic. Later, the application will detect the object in the photo and immediately crop the photo.

If you are satisfied with the results, then just save the photo and edit it again using the desired background. On the other hand, if there are parts that are not neat, just use the method Manual and Zoom to delete the remaining part.

With the help of this application, removing the background on photos has now become easier and more practical. Even how to remove photo backgrounds can now be done manually or automatically.

So, for those of you who don’t have photo editing skills, you can use the automatic feature in the application to remove the background on photos.

Hope it is useful.