How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

By | January 20, 2022
Sharing content becomes less special because there is a limit on the size of files that can be sent via social media. Meanwhile, if it is compressed, sometimes the quality will decrease. Maybe many don’t know that there is a way to reduce the video size on a cellphone without reducing its sharpness.

Smartphones currently support several applications that can be used to reduce video size. As long as there is enough memory and RAM, it can be used to download editing software. How to reduce the size of the file on the cellphone is getting easier.

Sending Maximum Results Compress Videos

Who doesn’t love to send recorded moments of importance to friends and networks?

Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook are examples of social media that are most widely used to share videos. But unfortunately, there are limits on the number and size of files that can be shared via these platforms.

Indeed, there is an auto-compress feature from social media, but the effect actually reduces image quality. As a result, the video looks less professional and reduces sharpness.

If it is uploaded again to other media such as YouTube for example, the content becomes worse than before. Of course this is not wanted especially by vloggers who really like to share content.

How to Reduce Video Size on Cellphones Online and Offline

Fortunately, now there are several applications that can be used to reduce the video size on your cellphone without reducing the quality. In addition, this can also be done through online sites.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Use PandaVideo Compressor App

How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

Android smartphone users should know this app because of its ability to reduce file size without compromising quality. The image remains sharp and not dim. It is easy to use so anyone can try it.

First, first download this application via Google Play Store. Then immediately do the email registration and create an account. Reopen Panda Videos, select which file you want to reduce the size.

Here, users can set their own video size, saturation, and other settings. After that, select Compress and wait for the process to finish. Save the compression results to storage.

2. Using VidCompact

How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

It is a video editor and maker application, users can experience reducing file size. In addition, this app can also be used as a converter with very good quality.

Users can also determine the duration and resolution of the file themselves. To be able to use it, download it at Google Playstore, then create an account.

After entering the home, select the menu Trim & Compress. Users will be asked to select which videos they want to reduce from storage.

After that, click the up arrow to upload the file to the app. Specify the settings then start compressing. Wait until the process is complete and then you can directly share or save it first.

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3. Take advantage of Video Compress

How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

Android users are so facilitated for matters of how to reduce the size of the video on the cellphone.

The reason is, there are many choices of applications that can be downloaded and used. One of them is this third application which is made by Mel Studio. With a clean, simple, and easy to understand interface, even beginners will immediately understand how it works.

After the application is downloaded, immediately open it then find and select the video you want to compress. Furthermore, Compress File and wait for it to finish. The progress of the work will be displayed on the screen in the form of a percentage.

When the results are there, users can directly share them on social media or download them again for storage.

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4. Use Video & Image Compressor

How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

All visual content can be reduced in size through this software. The interface is very attractive and really easy to understand. With bright colors on the interface, it makes the experience of converting, compressing, and also improving file resolution more enjoyable.

How to use it, of course, by downloading it first at Play Store. Register an email to create an account then do the compression process. First of all, first select the video that needs to be reduced in size and then upload it to the application. Search menu Compress then let the process take place. After that, save it and share it on your own social media.

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5. Convert with Smart Video Compressor & Resizer

How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

Without the need for image quality and motion drops, try installing this app on your phone. With a very attractive interface, users will not be confused the first time you try it.

In addition, this app is equipped with Video Cutter to cut the duration. There is also a self-adjusting feature for resolution and file quality.

How to use it is easy because you only need to upload a video to the application then select the menu Convert. The compression process starts and the user only needs to monitor how far the progress is. The final result can be directly shared and then stored in the cellphone gallery.

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6. Edit with YouCompress

How to Reduce Video Size on HP without Reducing Quality

Smartphone storage is full? Don’t worry, because it’s possible to shrink videos on your cellphone, you don’t need to download an application. That is, by logging into the site YouCompress.

Here, the content will be compressed without reducing the original quality. For the record, this one web is suitable for files that are not too large with a short duration.

The method is easy, namely by logging in to the website and then selecting the menu Select All (to search for videos to be reduced in size). The next step is to select Upload & Compress, then let the process take place.

Once done, download the result and save it where you want it. Can also be directly shared to social networks. However, make sure the data package and internet network are available, yes.

Those are some ways to reduce video size on cellphones using applications or online without reducing image quality. In general, reducing the visual file size is very easy to do this way. The most important thing is to choose the right editing software and website so that the results can be maximized.

Good luck yes. ️