How to Rebuild Icon Cache in Windows 11/10

By | December 16, 2021

This Samsul article will explain How to Rebuild Icon Cache in Windows 11/10. Basically this icon is stored in the icon cache on your computer. Its function helps the operating system show icons more quickly than you have to check files every time. Therefore, the process is accelerated. Unfortunately, in some cases, this cache icon can be corrupted and as a result, the file icon may look weird or not display properly. This article will help you solve this problem by rebuilding your icon cache in a few easy steps.

You need to know, in addition to the cache icon, there is also a thumbnail cache that is often damaged. Talking about it, I already covered how to clear and reset Windows thumbnail cache. why this is related, because some users often experience that their thumbnails are damaged which causes images to look blurry or not appear at all.

The icon cache is a database file that is stored specifically with Windows. the feature of this cache icon is widespread with the name iconcache.db in File Explorer and is used to display an image of an application. And of course the reason is to make Windows process icons faster. Actually rebuilding the icon cache is easy to do in Windows 11, although some methods have changed from time to time from Windows 7 and 8.

Cause the Cache Icon To Be Corrupt

There is a possibility that the shortcut icon is not displayed correctly because maybe you have moved it from the original source to a different place or you have deleted it. You need to rebuild a new shortcut directly from the source file (eg an .exe formatted program) instead.

If you’ve ever changed the file extension just to bring up the icon, some users have had a crash with it, maybe that’s one of the reasons your icon cache gets corrupted and displays icons incorrectly.

How to Rebuild Icon Cache in File Explorer

The first thing you can do to rebuild the Windows icon cache is to delete the icon cache or IconCache.db files in File Explorer.

1. First, Start by opening File Explorer.

2. Next follow the path below and navigate to the address bar and paste it there. (see screenshot below)

file icon cache in file explorer

3. In this window you will find lots of file icon cache formats .db. your job is to delete any files that start with iconcache there.

4. After successfully deleting it, a folder with the name “IconCacheDelete

Don’t worry, because after you restart the computer, the folder will disappear.

How to Rebuild Cache Icon With Command Prompt

Another method of deleting the cache icon is to use the command prompt. This will be easier than the previous method, because you only give orders to complete this job. actually there is an easier one, later we will discuss it last, yes, so keep following this method so that you know more about how to solve it.

1. Now you press Windows icon on the taskbar and type CMD in the search bar.

2. If you already display Command Prompt, right click and select Ran as administrator.

3. A command prompt window will open, then you paste the command below one by one inside CMD, and end with Enter for execution.

clear icon cache with cmd
cd /d %userprofile%AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsExplorer

This command is to change your directory to the specified folder.

attrib –h iconcache_*.db

This command is for its function to delete all file attributes starting with iconcache.

del iconcache_*.db start explorer

And the third command with the same function will delete these files.

How to Rebuild Cache Icon With Batch Script

This easiest way will delete the cache icon on your computer by doing a batch script. This script will run automatically delete the cache icon and finally will be asked to restart for your computer.

You can download the script by pressing the Download button below. Next, you can run the script and follow the instructions at the command prompt.


That’s how to rebuild the icon cache in Windows 11/10 on your computer. Hope this helps