How to Promote Youtube Videos on Adwords Effectively

By | December 4, 2021
How to Promote Youtube Videos on Adwords Effectively

How to Promote Youtube Videos on Adwords - Promoting Youtube videos is a form of effort to get a lot of viewers in order to maximize showtimes. Google Adwords as known as Google Ads become an option to promote Youtube at an affordable cost.

Promotion of a Youtube channel basically adjusts to needs. If you want to attract a lot of viewers and get monetization, content creators need to be more active in marketing their channels.

The selection of Google Adwords services has various advantages.

For more details, readers can listen to the discussion about Google Adwords below.

Advantages of Google Adwords Service

There are many ways to promote a Youtube channel. However, for new YouTubers, of course, they want to immediately catch up on showtimes so that videos can be monetized. For this reason, many people use Google Adwords services which are effective in increasing viewers.

The advantages of this service are described as follows:

1. Budget Can Adjust Ability

Budget issues are one aspect that content creators often pay attention to.

Because, at the beginning of creating content, usually the Youtube channel is still not monetized. Just like when you want to promote a product, content creators also need capital to advertise on Google Adwords.

But don’t worry, the cost of implementing the Youtube video promotion method on Adwords can be adjusted to the budget. Minimum content creator costs money IDR 10,000 for the daily budget.

This payment is calculated for ads that have been clicked by viewers. Meanwhile, if the ad has not been clicked, the content creator will not be charged anything.

2. Easily Set Ad Show Hours

When using Google Adwords, content creators can set the maximum viewing time. Starting from the start and end date of the ad.

This setting of course also adjusts to the ad budget that has been selected previously. So that the publication of these advertisements can function optimally to increase viewers.

3. Scheduled Reports

After placing an ad in the form of a Youtube video, the content creator needs a report on how far the video has been shown. This is the advantage of the Google Adwords service, where content creators will receive scheduled reports.

This information will be updated regularly, so that content creators get accurate advertising marketing data.

4. The Submission Process Is Very Practical

Not everyone has free time to take care of the promotion of Youtube videos. Because, some people who create content generally have permanent jobs that are difficult to leave.

For this reason, a very practical way of promoting Youtube videos on Adwords is needed. Because, the application process only requires filling out an online form.

Meanwhile, to find out whether the ad campaign submission has been approved or not, content creators only need to wait for notification via email.

Ad submissions can not only be done once, because Google Adwords can also be used to market several advertisements for videos or websites selling online.

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Guide on How to Promote Youtube Videos on Adwords

Google Adwords is currently more familiarly known as Google Ads, which is a place to promote ads including Youtube channels. To use these services, a budget is required, the amount of which can be adjusted to the capabilities of the content creator.

As for how to promote Youtube videos on Adwords, you can learn based on the description below:

1. Access the Google Ads Website

To open the Adwords website, users should access Google via a PC for easy editing. When using a smartphone, use the desktop view so that all features can be seen.

Start by going to the Google Ads site and Login using the e-mail address used on the Youtube channel. Click ‘From now on’ to continue creating ads on Google Adwords.

Users will be directed to choose 3 options for using Google Adwords. The options consist of Call, Sales or site registration, and Channel Visit.

Click on options ‘More Visits’ to start implementing the Youtube video promotion method on Adwords. Continue by selecting options ‘Next’ and wait for the prompt to fill out the form appears.

2. Describe the Business or Video to be Promoted

Google Ads will ask users to write down the name of the business they own and the website.

To promote a Youtube channel, users can also fill in this section with the name of the Youtube channel they own. Fill in the section of the site by writing URL from the Youtube channel or video to be promoted.

Next the user will be asked to complete the location of the customer. This information will be needed to display advertisements in the form of Youtube videos from the channel that is being promoted.

For example, to show videos for domestic users, please select the country of Indonesia. When finished, click ‘Next’ for further settings.

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3. Set up Search Keyword

The addition of keywords is intended so that the video can be displayed when other users are looking for the same reference. Content creators can choose several keywords at once so that videos are easily found by other Youtube users.

It’s a good idea to choose the most popular keywords on the internet so that the video can reach as many people as possible.

4. Complete Data To Create Video Ads

Users will be asked to compile several titles that will be used to display ads. Also add a description that will provide information for viewers.

In addition, content creators can also add a cellphone number that will be connected directly to viewers. This is an optional field, it can be skipped if not necessary.

5. Determine Advertising Budget

The guide on how to promote Youtube videos on Adwords is followed by choosing the maximum budget amount per month. Users will be charged this fee but it can also be less when the number of video views is less.

Change the currency to rupiah first, then set the budget range. After that, review all the completeness of the information that has been filled in.

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6. Payment Confirmation

After completing all the fields provided by Google Adwords, please confirm the payment. Enter your name and address as well as any other required data to publish the video via Google Adwords.

Payment can be made via debit or bank transfer, please choose the easiest option to do.

Continue the transaction and print proof of having made a transaction on Google Adwords. User can look at the opti
ons ‘Set Up Billing’ to view campaign results.

Make sure to use view ‘Expert Mode’ in order to display all the features of Google Adwords.

Next, a summary of Youtube video views will be displayed which will be published via Google Adwords.

It should be noted that the Youtube video viewing process takes an undetermined amount of time. Content creators need to wait until Youtube validates the ad submission.

Please wait for notification via e-mail and check the status of your ad submission periodically. Content creators can also submit ads for other videos while waiting for the results of the submissions.

Thus the discussion related to the guide on how to promote Youtube videos on Adwords that can be applied.

This service can not only be used to promote channels or videos. However, users can maximize these features to market products by including links that point to the website. Thus, the popularity of the brand will increase.

Hope it is useful.