How to Promote on Instagram Ads and the Benefits Businesses Get

By | January 6, 2022

How to Promote on Instagram Ads – Developing a business can be done with the help of social media, one of which is Instagram Ads. This advertising service is very effective in reaching a larger audience to serve as a marketing target. It is hoped that sales will increase, so that business people get big profits.

The following is an explanation of how to promote on Instagram Ads that should be understood.

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What are Instagram Ads?

The Ads feature on Instagram is a service that can be used for businesses to advertise online.

Product promotions will be displayed on the homepage of other users’ Instagram accounts, either through feeds or stories. Thus, the product being sold can be reached by the general public even if the business is operated in a remote location from the user.

How to Promote Products on Instagram Ads

Efforts to increase product sales can be done by way of promotion on Instagram Ads using good visualization. Because, social media is basically very highlight photos and videos from a post.

So that businesses can easily place ads, here’s how to promote products through Instagram Ads that needs to be done:

1. Prepare Product Visualization

Visual appearance is the main point that consumers will pay attention to. Because, most of the audience will see the photo or video first, then read the caption when the visualization is interesting.

That’s why it’s so important to create custom photo or video displays that can clearly display product specifications.

Some of the products that require visualization include food, fashion, accessories, and so on.

Try to take a moment to take a photo or video of the product that will be offered through Instagram Ads. Preferably, business people are good at adjusting the right angle in taking pictures. Show the advantages of the products offered through good visualization.

2. Prepare Creative

The application of promotional methods in Instagram Ads will be more effective if businesses are good at preparing advertising materials. The advertising material in question can be in the form of images or posters, like advertisements in general.

Businesses can also prepare advertisements in the form of photos using 3 to 5 slides. Additionally, creatives can be created using 15 to 30 second videos.

3. Write an Interesting Caption

The next guide on how to promote in Instagram Ads is to string words together to create an interesting caption. In this section, business people can use language that is straightforward and on target.

So that the audience is more interested in viewing the website, business people can also create captions in the form of stories. Also add a persuasive sentence to invite the audience to know the product further.

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4. Create Product Information

The most important point in marketing products online is to complete the information in the caption. Conceptually, Instagram users will generally read captions quickly.

Business people need to write down product information including price, size, motif, and taste (for food products). When the audience is interested in the product, they will not hesitate to save the ad post.

5. Manage Instagram Ads

After preparing the material for advertising, the way to promote in Instagram Ads can be done by selecting the promote feature. Set the action button on the ad that will be served through Instagram.

If a business person has a special website for product sales, please connect the audience through the informasi feature. Thus, it is easy for visitors to find out the list of products being sold.

6. Set a Target Audience

Business people will be asked to fill in information about the products to be offered. Fill in the name of the ad, location, and define the target audience you want to reach.

This setting is very important to do, because Instagram will randomly display these ads if there are no age and gender restrictions. So, the promotion is not right on target.

For example, in the gamis product for Muslim women, business people can determine the audience by choosing the female gender. Then proceed with setting the age of 17 years and over.

Meanwhile, when offering food products, the target audience chosen is general. Managing target marketing is an important step in finding the right customers.

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7. Choose Budget and Runtime

After the ad preparation is complete, the businessman can determine the amount of the budget set for marketing. When using Instagram Ads, the minimum tariff is IDR 10,000 per day.

Business people can determine the budget according to their abilities, also adjust the duration of the desired advertisement. Finally, click the blue arrow located at the top right to submit an ad.

Instagram will first verify whether the submitted ad does not violate Instagram’s user guidelines.

After the ad is received, make a payment immediately so that the promotion can be served immediately. When the ad is published successfully, in the photo or video section, the View Insights option will appear to see the progress of ad visitors.

Why Need Promotion on Instagram Ads?

There are many benefits that will be felt for a businessman when placing an ad using Instagram Ads. Besides being practical, this promotion method is considered easier and more effective in reaching the audience.

If business people are currently looking for a simple online advertising medium, here are some benefits that can be taken into consideration when using Instagram Ads:

1. Get More Specific Instagram User Information

On Instagram social media there is an insight feature that functions to view information about the audience. This feature presents very detailed data including age, gender, and location of the audience in order of highest order.

The information displayed will certainly make it easier for business people to implement marketing strategies for the products that are being promoted.

2. Diverse Ad Formats

While using Instagram Ads, businesses can adjust the ad formats that are considered the most effective. The promotion can be done by posting photos and captions.

Businesses can also upload several photos at once so that the audience knows the product specifications clearly. For a more interesting visualization, please use ads in the form of short videos.

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3. Directing Visitors to the Website

One of the advantages of using Instagram Ads for promotional media is the ease of inserting links. In addition to the attractive visual appearance of the product, users can add custom links.

The informasi can be directed to the official website for online sales so that Instagram users who are interested in buying can make shopping transactions easily.

4. Boost Brand Awareness

In general, the purpose of promotion is to introduce the product to the general public. This will motivate consumers to buy the product.

This statement shows how important brand awareness is for a business. Because the higher the popularity of a brand, the more consumers will trust and continue to subscribe.

Efforts that can be taken for business people are to apply the promotion method on Instagram Ads that has been described above.

As has been understood, Instagram users can come from various regions or cities. Thus, the more audiences who see the ad, the more brand awareness will increase.

That’s a guide on how to promote on Instagram Ads that can be applied for businesses to increase product sales.

Broadly speaking, the advertising features found on Instagram are almost the same as Facebook Ads. So, if business people have previously placed ads on Facebook Ads, they can easily connect them to their Instagram accounts.

Hope it is useful.