How to Promote on FB Free for Beginners

By | December 8, 2021

Using Facebook as a selling medium, is commonly used by online business actors. For beginners, there are ways to promote on fb for free that must be learned in order to bring in consumers and increase sales.

These methods are not too difficult, but need to be done consistently. Moreover, if you are just starting a business and rely on Facebook as a promotional medium.

Then, what steps need to be taken so that the free FB promotion method can be effective?

Let’s see the full review.

1. Understand the Target Market

The first thing that must be known so that the promotion on free fb is more effective is to understand the target market.

As a business actor, knowing the product and market niche is a must-have skill. Not all products or businesses that are undertaken will suit various groups.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need to know the audience so that the uploads that are distributed are appropriate and acceptable to the market. Posts in the form of pictures and captions that are right with the market will certainly have a greater positive effect.

2. Participate in Similar Groups

As a newcomer, it never hurts to join a group selling similar products that already exist. Facebook does facilitate groups where several accounts gather to exchange information.

This kind of group can be used, in addition to improving sales skills, it is also a way of promotion on fb for free because the account will be increasingly known. The main goal is to introduce the business to more people, thus building a wider network.

When choosing a group, don’t be careless. Choose groups that are communicative and productive.

Communicative in the sense that there is positive interaction and sharing in it, especially related to the products being sold. While the productive category, it can be seen from the number of members who join, which of course will increase the insight of the Facebook account that is managed.

After joining the group, blend in slowly. Do not suddenly market the product, but first introduce yourself and respond to posts from other group members. After a few days in the group, then do promotions and monitor progress.

3. Use Facebook Page

Facebook has a fanpage feature that is very often used for selling. This is also one way of promoting on fb for free, because this fanpage allows account owners to provide more detailed information.

As a first step, fanpage users can display detailed business data. Also display information in the form of product descriptions clearly, so that visitors will clearly see what is offered. This page is considered effective in inviting consumers for business actors who promote on Facebook.

Although the Facebook page is considered effective, there are still many traders who do not use it optimally. For example, the page is only filled with photos without a clear description. In addition, the page is also not used for promotion according to keywords.

4. Embed Website referensi

Facebook can also be used as a bridge to direct visitors to the website. This website column can be directly clicked on and instantly brings Facebook visitors to the web because it is live. Utilizing this column, of course, by first building a website containing a product catalog.

By using this feature, anyone who likes facebook page will get notification via email. Thus, the technique of inserting this website can be used as a way of promotion on fb for free. In addition, live links can also be used as free backlinks.

5. Updating Fanpage

One way to build a network can be done by increasing popularity. Fanpage that has been built, don’t just leave it, because Facebook doesn’t know autopilot for uploads and account updates.

Do the latest updates about the business and products being sold, or provide any information related to the products being sold. Information can be in the form of news or testimonial stories, so that fanpage visitors will increasingly see if this product is selling well.

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6. Pack Pages Attractively

It is undeniable that appearance remains number 1. Likewise with an attractive Facebook page, in order to bring in more targets. Business actors also have to really pay attention to this, because attractively packaged pages are a free and effective way of promotion on fb.

Things that can be considered, for example, profile picture and page cover. These two things are usually the first attention of visitors. It’s like being in a shop, the profile and cover are the front pages that show the name of the store. If the front page is not pleasing to the eye, of course the shop will be passed by the merchant.

In addition, also provide a clear description of the store in the ‘about’ section, as well as complete other information. Thus, potential consumers will find complete information from the beginning of visiting the Facebook page. Moreover, if it is also added with some image uploads and testimonials.

The creation of an attractive page can also be arranged by arranging uploads with a uniform background color and writing. In addition, the blend of content will also make the page look neat or messy. So make sure to upload this type of content very consistently and on a schedule.

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7. Create Interesting Content

An easy way to promote for free on social media is to upload interesting content. Content is a way to attract followers. So use well managed facebook, by uploading pictures and captions that invite curiosity.

It is also important to organize the content so that it is not boring. For example, by combining promotional images with articles, tips, or even light and joke video uploads. It is important to maintain a rhythm so that followers do not get bored following regular uploads.

Share articles and tips, of course, that are in accordance with the products being sold. This kind of thing is also important and many followers are looking for, to increase knowledge about other uses or experiences related to the product.

8. Promoting Facebook Account

Even though you have created a facebook or fanpage account, it does not mean that the account will be automatically recognized. Business actors still have to promote the Facebook account to various media. For example, a simple one, spreading the account referensi to the WA story, and asking readers to follow and like.

In addition, the fanpage can also be promoted to groups that have been followed before. Thus, minimal fanpage insight will increase positively. If followers have been built, then the gap to promote and sell products will be wide open. This method is even used and effective as a way of promotion on fb for free.

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9. Create a Posting Schedule

Managing a Facebook account requires a greater effort. Especially if the account was created for a free promotion. Not a few online business actors use special admins
to manage social media. This is so that Facebook or other platforms used for promotion can be scheduled properly.

It is important for business account owners to establish a regular schedule for posting. In addition, it is also very important to view and respond to every comment that appears on the page. This will increase business engagement with consumers.

Many things can be done as a way of promotion on fb for free. The most important thing is to maintain consistency in managing Facebook as a promotional medium.

In addition, make sure all customers who stop by the facebook page get a fast and friendly response, in order to keep customers staying and buying the products offered.

Hope it is useful.