How to promote eyelash extensions to attract consumers

By | February 21, 2022

There are many types of beauty services that can be a business gap. One of them is to beautify and lengthen eyelashes or eyelash extensions. Perhaps people will ask how to promote eyelash extensions as an opened service, because this business has a very narrow segment.

However, with a variety of creativity, processed sentences will present an interesting promotion.

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Use the Right Promotional Sentence

One of the effective ways to promote eyelash extensions, of course, requires processing the right sentences. Making sentences for promotions, even though it looks easy, but there are still people who package them in the usual way.

Some of these combinations of sentences can be used as references to make promotions interesting.

1. Embrace a Professional Team

One way to promote eyelash extensions that can be done is to highlight the positive impression from readers about the existing team. Consumers will certainly prioritize eyelash extension services who are experts in their fields, so that the final result is perfect.

Here’s an example:

  • Beautify eyelashes, you don’t have to bother looking for professional services, because we have it all.
  • Our services are very professional in their fields, consisting of trained and certified experts.
  • Entrust the beauty of your eyelashes to our professional services.
  • We will introduce the professionals behind ‘Deft Beauty Clinic’.
  • Make sure the beauty radiates from the hands of professionals. Trust in ‘Deft Beauty Clinic’.

2. Tell me about your experience

In addition to highlighting the word professional, you can also use the technique of telling experiences.

Using this technique is an effective way to promote eyelash extensions to attract customers. Moreover, lately the need for beauty has started to align with the need for excellent service.

Therefore, there is no harm in sharing the experience of the team, starting from when the service was established, which clients have been handled, to the extent of the testimonials that have flooded during practice as an eyelash extension service.

Some of these sentences can be used:

  • Our experience for more than 10 years, is a guarantee of quality for the dazzling beauty of eyelashes.
  • Entrust the beauty of your face and eyelashes to experienced services.
  • Consult with experienced experts at Deft Beauty Clinic.
  • Our experience is a valuable asset for your beauty.
  • Do not be fooled! Only we have decades of experience in the eyelash extension field.

3. Issue Warranty

Many consumers research in detail a product or service, especially related to service and warranty. This can also be an interesting combination of sentences, because consumers will see that the services offered do not stop after the action is completed.

The guarantee offered must of course be adjusted and carefully considered by management.


  • Look beautiful with dazzling long eyelashes! Money back guarantee!
  • We provide a lifetime guarantee of the beauty of eyelashes.
  • Free service guarantee forever if our service is not satisfactory.
  • Professional and guaranteed eyelash extension services. First in Indonesia!
  • Guaranteed 75% discount on the next service if the quality is not as advertised.

4. Inform Operational Network Distribution

Another word that can be used as a way of promoting eyelash extensions is to guarantee the credibility of the clinic, with a wide spread network. This of course becomes a credit point for these services, because it provides guarantees to consumers if they need additional services.

Examples are as follows:

  • Deft Beauty Clinic is spread in many cities throughout Indonesia.
  • Immediately visit Deft Beauty Clinic in your city and get eyelash extension services from professional services.
  • Having more than 50 networks in Java, our clinic is also supported with the latest technology equipment.
  • Consult your eyelash extension needs with professionals at the nearest clinic in your city.

Optimize Social Media

The way to promote eyelash extensions to be effective and spread more widely is by optimizing social media. The use of social media as a place of promotion has proven to be effective in providing a wider distribution of products or services. Thus, service users will be more widespread.

1. Facebook

One of the media that can be used as a way to promote eyelash extensions is Facebook. This media is proven to still attract the attention of many users, when used as a business account or promotion of products and services.

The use of Facebook is also very varied. Starting from managing personal accounts, business accounts, to creating fanpages that can reach more followers and readers.

This media segmentation can also be arranged in such a way using FB Ads, so that business will be spread to the right market.

Using Facebook as an eyelash extension promotion, of course it must be packaged in an appropriate Facebook display.

Make an interesting and informative page, providing an explanation of the clinic that is managed. In addition, clearly state the business contact and the location of the clinic clearly.

In addition, also add various information in clear captions, using a combination of sentences that can be chosen from the references above. Then, also embed supporting pictures so that FB looks more attractive.

Don’t forget, whoever manages it as an admin, must have the time to be responsive.

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2. Instagram

This social media also has business features for business people who want to promote.

Not too different from Facebook, Instagram also requires interesting pictures and captions to explain the content. The slight difference is that the image content on Instagram is considered more of an attraction than the caption content.

That is why, more people who only see the image without the details read the caption.

Content on Instagram can also be uploaded in the form of short videos up to 30 seconds long. Although it could be more than that, the video will be cut into several slides making it less attractive.

Instagram users can use the ‘feed’ to first attract followers.

After that, the IG Story feature can be optimized as an effective way to promote eyelash extensions. Recently, there is also a ‘reels’ feature on Instagram that can be used to display testimonials from clients.

Using Instagram as a promotional medium, it can also increase distribution through additional advertisements.

Although a little paid, but this will help the promotion of products or services spread more widely to the right market segment. Users only need to set the time and target market based on age, city, or hobbies.

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3. Website

In addition to social media, website management is also a way to promote professional eyelash extensions. Not a few beauty clinics that have managed websites very reliably and professionally serve incoming consumer inquiries.

This method of course also requires effort cost and time. However, this will be proportional to the performance and quality of services in the eyes of the wider community. The website can be a credit point that the eyelash extension service is very professional in its field.

Explore ways to promote eyelash extensions through various media and word processing techniques.

Whatever the service chooses, make sure everything is based on honesty and excellent service. Thus, there are no fake services hiding behind convincing advertisements, thereby disappointing customers.

Hope it is useful.