How to Play Steam Games on Android Using Steam info

By | December 7, 2021

The world of PC gaming is changing. Over the past few years, despite conflicting predictions, playing video games on your home computer has become as popular as ever. Thanks to Valve, and Linux compatibility for Steam, it has even extended to new platforms.

And in 2018, once again thanks to Valve, PC gaming will completely change by moving to your Android device. Here’s how to set up and use Steam info on Android, and start enjoying your favorite PC games anywhere at home.

PC Games on My Android Device

It’s amazing, and it’s true. There is no competition involved either. At the time of writing, the Steam info app is in beta, but we’ve tried it on several devices and the results have been surprising.

With a game controller connected to your Android device, you can play your favorite Steam library titles without sitting in front of your computer. Want to relax in your bed? Alright, just load up Steam info on your tablet and start playing.

Make no mistake: this is game changing. If it works, you won’t need a PC at your desk to play the game. You can store a dedicated gaming PC in a cupboard that acts as a server. Then you just need to connect it with a mobile device, via your TV with an official Steam info box (or DIY box), or a fast laptop.

It’s Like a Steam Linkbox, but an Android App

We’ve previously seen how to set up a Steam info box. It’s easy to set up, and as long as your network speed is up to the job, the Steam info box lets you play games installed on your PC via your TV. It’s basically HDMI wireless, but with a certain Steam flavor.

Steam info is made possible through a setting in the Steam client on your PC that allows you to enable streaming of video games on your local network. This not only works for the Steam info box if you have Steam on another PC or laptop, you can use that device to play games, even if it remains installed on the host PC.

The Steam info mobile app makes a similar connection, but is designed for mobile gaming.

Choose a Suitable Controller for Steam info

Before you start with the app, you have to find a suitable controller first. Not sure what to use? Look for a Controller, or phone-only game controller. Both are suitable for connecting via Bluetooth.

Recently, many game controllers compatible with Android have been launched. Different types are available, but they generally fall into two categories.

First sandwich your device between left and right controllers, like this option from Daqi:

Or you might prefer a more compact approach like this Beboncool model, where the phone or tablet is mounted on top of the controller:

Either way, with the appropriate Bluetooth controller plugged in, your phone or tablet is ready for gaming.

Install Steam info on Your Mobile Device

The next step is to install and set up Steam info, available for free on the Google Play Store. Follow the usual procedure to install. You won’t need your Steam login credentials, as the app runs entirely on your home network.

Make sure you also have Steam installed and running on your PC, and connected to the same wireless network as your phone or tablet. For best results, connect your computer to the router with an Ethernet cable, to guarantee minimal lag.

On Steam, go to View > Settings to find the In-Home Streaming menu. Make sure you have checked the Enable streaming option. Click OK to exit the menu.

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On your phone, go straight to the app and start scanning your PC. If it’s not found, don’t worry: you can enter the computer’s IP address or hostname.

When it finds your computer, tap to select it, and the PIN displays in the mobile app. Around the same time, a dialog box will appear on Steam on your PC. Pair the device using the PIN, wait for the network test to finish.

As long as your mobile device is near the router, or you have a strong signal, it should come back with a positive result. If you have connection issues, make sure you have connected your phone to the 5Ghz band on your router as Valve suggested.

Next, the app will check your device. In the beta stage, it may tell you that your phone or tablet is “unrecognized.” Don’t worry about that; just go ahead and play!

Connect to Your PC With Steam info

With Steam info paired to your computer, you’re good to go. The main screen of the application will show the computer you are connected to, the paired game controller, and the quality of the network connection.

To get started, just tap Start Playing. The app will establish a connection with your computer, at which point Steam will reconfigure to Big Picture mode. It’s a controller-friendly interface, similar to what you’d expect on an Xbox One or PS4. This is where you’ll find all your games, but you’ll also have access to some Steam settings.

Tweak Your Steam info Settings

While playing, you may notice some performance issues. You have several options to fix it.

The Settings menu on the mobile app offers a trio of Streaming Quality settings: Fast, Balanced and Beautiful.

Choose the options you want here, but note that there’s also an Advanced screen, where you can change the bandwidth and resolution limits.

Similarly, some customization is available in the Steam app on your desktop, via the View > Settings > In-Home Streaming menu. Again, Fast, Balanced, and Beautiful client options, but there’s also an Advanced Host Options view. Use this to change streaming settings from your computer.

For a quick fix, meanwhile, you can try reducing the resolution and other graphics settings in the game.

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