How to Overcome Xiaomi HP Fingerprint Not Working (Error)

By | December 21, 2021

Redmi 3 fingerprint – How how to fix fingerprint not working on a xiaomi phone? Of course, we already know the latest Android security system, namely the fingerprint application, but what happens if you do? xiaomi redmi 3 fingerprint error. For the first time, Xiaomi has released a superior feature of the fingerprint sensor (fingerprint scanner) which is embedded in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone which is located at the bottom of the main camera. But have you ever imagined when there is a problem with our fingerprint or fingerprint, how do we open the xiaomi cellphone with the faulty / damaged fingerprint.

Many Xiaomi cellphone users in Indonesia prefer to buy Xiaomi smartphones with distributor guarantees that have the ROM used not the original ROM that has been implanted by Xiaomi, even more so when buying a Xiaomi redmi note 3. as :

  • The touch screen of the xiaomi cellphone is not working properly.
  • The delay in notification of updates to the latest ROM version so we have to wait for a long time.
  • And what is most often complained about at this time is that the xiaomi redmi note 3 fingerprint sensor is damaged / error (not working)

After reading the article above, of course you now understand why fingerprint xiaomi redmi 3 pro not working. Therefore, if we are going to buy the xiaomi cellphone, in addition to how to activate the xiaomi redmi 3 pro fingerprint, we also need to know how to solve fingerprint error xiaomi redmi 3 pro.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will try to share a solution for those of you Xiaomi cellphone users who are experiencing the fingerprint sensor problem. Especially for those of you Xiaomi redmi note 3 users, the steps that must be taken if the xiaomi cellphone is locked because of the fingerprint sensor is to re-flash to change ROM on the Xiaomi redmi note 3 first. Here we will review in full how to fix fingerprint redmi note 3 broken below this.

How to Overcome Xiaomi HP Fingerprint Not Working (Error)

fingerprint redmi note 3 broken

How to solve the xiaomi cellphone fingerprint not working by flashing:

  1. The first step to do to flash the Xiaomi redmi 3 pro phone is to follow the official tutorial which you can see at >>
  2. Then if the flashing process is complete, of course the ROM that you just installed the google playstore application is not on the xiaomi redmi note 3 cellphone. Therefore to add it do install Google installer which you can download via the following referensi >>
  3. After that go to Xiaomi redmi note 3 settings menu >> select Additional Settings >>
  4. choose English and google playstore already installed on your redmi note 3 smartphone.
  5. After you have done all the above processes, then enter the last stage, which is the stage of activating the fingerprint on your xiaomi cellphone.

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The following is how to activate the fingerprint sensor on the Xiaomi redmi note 3:

  • Entered into settings menu and then scroll down to find options Lock Screen and Password.
  • After that select password and fingerprint >> add security password.
  • Then you will see 3 options in the settings, namely using a pattern, PIN or password.
  • The next step there will be a menu that is put your fingerprint in the available place on the menu until the fingerprint image looks full on the screen of your xiaomi cellphone.
  • Finally, after taking fingerprints is complete, click ” OK “.
  • That way the fingerprint on your xiaomi redmi note 3 cellphone can work again.

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Thus our meeting this time which has discussed in depth about redmi note 3 pro fingerprint not working. Hopefully our article this time can be useful for all of us, especially for xiaomi cellphone users who are experiencing fingerprint problems that don’t work. If our method above still doesn’t give the results you expect, you should immediately bring your smartphone to the office xiaomi cellphone service center in your city, thank you so much..

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