How to Overcome Whatsapp Contacts Not Appearing On Oppo Hp

By | May 5, 2022

WhatsApp contacts not showing up – How how to solve whatsapp contacts that don’t appear on oppo smartphone ? Have you ever experienced an incident where contact name does not appear on whatsapp hp android oppo do you have? Of course it will be a question if we have saved contacts on the android phonebook but what happens is that contacts in WA do not automatically increase, aka WhatsApp cannot read contacts. Even though WhatsApp contacts should be able to display the friend’s cellphone number that we have saved on the previous Android device.

The problem of whatsapp contacts not appearing on this android phone is indeed very common for users of oppo smartphones with the type of oppo F1 Plus, oppo F1S, oppo A37, oppo A39 or other oppo cellphones. We need to know, basically the cause of the Oppo cellphone cannot display WhatsApp contacts is often because the WhatsApp application does not get permission or permission to access contacts. Then how how to allow whatsapp to access contacts on oppo android phone the ? So if we are having problems WhatsApp cannot read the contacts on the Oppo android device, it is the contact access settings that we need to make sure first.

Therefore, at the meeting Smartphone Solution this time we will try to provide a solution to the problem of whatsapp hp android which cannot display the contact number on the oppo cellphone that we have. In addition to setting up wa contact access, we also have to make sure whether our friend’s phone number has also installed the WhatsApp application on his smartphone. If our friend doesn’t have the wa application, it is certain that the android phone that we have cannot possibly bring up the friend’s phone number in the wa application that we have. For more details, let’s just read more about how to display sim contacts in the oppo hp whatsapp application which we have in the review below.

How to Overcome Whatsapp Contacts Not Appearing On Oppo Hp

how to solve contact name not showing on android phone

So if we are having problems where whatsapp contact not showing on oppo phone, we do not need to worry or panic first. This is because by changing WhatsApp settings or setting up contact access on the Android phone, we can make WhatsApp contact numbers reappear automatically. For more details, let’s follow the steps on how to solve WhatsApp contacts not appearing on Oppo as follows:

How to make invisible whatsapp contacts appear automatically on oppo smartphone

  1. The first step we need to do is to enter the “Security Center” menu option then “Privacy Permissions”, with the aim that we can give WhatsApp permission to access the Phonebook.
    contact name not showing on android phone
  2. After that select “Application Permission Management” where we can give permission to the application about what features can be accessed by the application, including of course permission to access the phonebook from the WhatsApp application.
    contact name not showing on android phone
  3. Then several applications will appear that are stored on the android device that we have, we just select WhatsApp and then activate it on I trust this application which means that WA is given permission to access features on your Android, especially to access the phonebook.
    contact name not showing on android phone
  4. The next step is to go to the Settings menu – Contacts then in the Contacts that is displayed make sure we select all contacts. This implies that the phonebooks displayed on our Android phones come from gmail, sim cards and other accounts.
  5. After we give WA permission to access the phonebook, the next step is to update the contact list on WhatsApp.
  6. Run the WA application then go to the Contacts menu then Update to update the contact list on the WhatsApp cellphone that we have.

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It’s not easy enough to solve the problem of WhatsApp contacts not appearing on the Oppo F1S, A37 and Oppo A39 which we can provide on this occasion. Although it is a simple method, the steps above can be used to recover whatsapp contacts that are not visible on all types of oppo android phones, thank you.

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