How to Overcome the White Hanging Cellphone LCD Screen

By | December 17, 2021

How to Overcome the White Hanging Cellphone LCD Screen – How how to fix the white cell phone lcd screen hangs on android? Of course we will feel confused if the cellphone screen suddenly hangs and turns white happened to our cellphone. There are many reasons for a cellphone that only shows a blank screen, or usually the cellphone screen only appears white. But sometimes only the cellphone screen displays white color, the system can still respond well, but there are also those that can’t be used for anything that allows the cellphone screen to not be turned on.

The phone does not work properly can be caused by 2 factors, namely the phone system and the cellphone LCD screen itself. Often those who experience white blank android phone touch screen is a cell phone that already has access to all systems (super user), things like that can endanger the performance of the cellphone because every application installed on the cellphone can be a cause that can change the structure of the system on the cellphone and damage it.

When a cellphone / tablet accidentally falls from a height of at least 3 meters and then looks at a hard object it can be one of the causes android phone suddenly the screen turns white is because it fell so the possibility of the android lcd being loose. Most of the white blank screens due to falling often occur on android smartphones. Then what steps should we take to fix the white touch screen hp lcd ? To solve the cellphone screen problem, if the cellphone suddenly displays a white screen but doesn’t fall, please read the method below.

How to Overcome the White Hanging Cellphone LCD Screen

How to fix a white android screen

How to solve a blank white android / tablet screen

  1. Press the menu button and hold it down. It aims to remove the HP program that is still running.
  2. Remove the battery and remove the memory and sim card. That is so that the hp program returns to normal and does not crash.
  3. Reset phone for for nokia symbian, type *#7370# and for other cellphones, go back to the initial settings, how to open equipment, then open settings, select phone. Then open the public, and finally select the initial code settings standard usually 12345.
  4. Format the cellphone by pressing and holding the button: ok/cal > * > 3 and the on button of. format for this cellphone is valid for certain cellphones that have been tested on cellphones 7610,3230. It’s best to back up your data first before formatting the cellphone.
  5. Next, open the cellphone case and clean the LCD connector and the holder on the PCB with a toothbrush and Tiner or sprite.

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Another way to deal with a phone that suddenly displays a white screen but doesn’t drop:

  1. First of all, please turn on the cellphone and check whether the cellphone system is still working or not, to find out, you can use another cellphone to make a call to a cellphone that appears a white screen.
  2. If the system still works well, try resetting the phone using a special button. ” Please search on google for this because the special reset button is different from the type of phone “.
  3. If you have difficulty using the special button, please flash the cellphone manual using a computer. This one is also googled because there are different flashing software and match the type of cellphone too.
  4. After that see the results whether the phone has improved or is still fixed.

If the above method has been done well but still displays a white screen, then the cause is the LCD. And to overcome the white LCD of the cellphone is quite difficult if you are not used to fiddling with the cellphone. Before something like this happens, it usually begins with the touch screen, a line appears, so when we know the signs of the touch screen android start to line up quickly to find out how to fix the touch screen with stripes on our android phone. That’s our article on how to solve a white android cellphone screen because it hangs, thank you so much.

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