How to Overcome the Frequently Missing Feed Widget Header

By | March 20, 2022

BFor bloggers (blogspot platform) who install a feed widget on their blog, they must have experienced the header (title) of the feed widget missing or not appearing. This happens because you edit the blog template which will result in the default header of the feed widget being lost. It is possible that there is a bug in the blogspot code which until now (at the time this article was published) has not been fixed.

Indeed this is not a big problem, you can just edit the widget and retype the header (title) of the widget and the problem is resolved, but if you often edit your template code even if it’s just updating or updating your blog template then this is would be very annoying.

It’s another case if you intentionally don’t use a header (title) in your feed widget, of course this will not affect the appearance of your blog. Conversely, if you use a header (title) in the feed widget on your blog, the easiest solution to overcome this problem is to use JavaScript help so that the problem of the header (title) that does not appear in the feed widget can be resolved easily.