How to Overcome Svchost.exe which eats up a lot of PC RAM

By | December 23, 2021

When you play your PC, of ​​course you are familiar with RAM. Without RAM, your PC will certainly not be able to live.

That’s because this RAM is needed by your PC to transfer all certain data temporarily, as long as your PC is up and running.

Well strangely, for some reason there is one application that sometimes runs very heavy on your PC’s RAM, to the point that the application takes up a lot of space in your PC’s RAM.

The application is “Svchost.exe”. Svchost.exe is a default application for Windows 7 and can also be called a station on a computer, which is useful for managing all activities that are made on the network, especially when you are connected to the internet.

Why does Svchost.exe eat up our PC RAM so much?

Usually, the reason why Svchost.exe is very consuming or requires a lot of PC RAM is because your Windows is being updated. This is the reason why the Svchost.exe application takes up a lot of your PC’s RAM memory.

How to Overcome Svchost.exe which eats up a lot of our PC RAM

As a solution to this Svchost.exe problem, you are required to disable the Windows Update service that is running first in “Services.msc”.

1. Click Start, then type Services.msc and run the application

2. Scroll down until you find the “Windows Update” option

3. Right-click on the Windows Update option and click Properties. In the Startup Type, replace it with Disabled. OK then exit and reboot the computer

4. Done! Svchost.exe will be drastically reduced and will not burden your PC’s RAM performance anymore

How easy is it?