How to Overcome Self-Installed Applications on Android Without Flashing

By | December 24, 2021

Android often installs its own apps – How how to fix android often install the application yourself ? On happy day this time, we will share tips about android about how to fix android that downloads itself. The “Green Robot” Operating System, most of the smartphone manufacturer vendors in the world have applied it to their smartphone products, so that it becomes familiar to our ears. Ability to multitask on android phone screen can no longer be doubted. Plus, users of Android phones and tablets will be spoiled with various applications in it that can be downloaded for free or paid for on the Google Playstore.

However, if there is a problem with our android phone, it will certainly disturb us when playing an application. Applications appear on their own on Android, for example, sometimes it makes us unknowingly download them when we touch the Android screen together with the application. What’s worse is that if the application is installed on Android automatically without our consent, it will make the internet package suck up quickly and make it worse Android phone is slow even though it’s rooted. Then, how how to stop auto download on android ?

Because we don’t want to be complicated, sometimes we immediately take the Factory Reset step, but strangely after doing a factory reset, the Android phone still often downloads itself after we enter the Google account in the settings. Even though we suspect that Android installs its own application automatically from the Google account that we use, it would be useless to replace it with another account because it will have no effect.

How to Overcome Self-Installed Applications on Android Without Flashing

how to stop auto download on android

Here we will try to share about how to stop automatic downloads on Android, namely by:

1. Install ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus

To deal with viruses on your Android cellphone, especially the annoying Adware problem, one of the antivirus applications that is considered very powerful so far is ESET. From the observations of ESET is an application that is able to find out Adware and viruses on Android.

Here are the steps to overcome the Android download itself with ESET:

  1. First download & install the ESET Mobile Security application on the Google Playstore on your Android phone.
  2. Once installed, open the application >> select Antivirus >> change Scan Level >> Deep then Scan Device and wait for the process to complete.
  3. If indeed your android phone is infected with a virus then immediately delete the existing virus.

2. Enter Safe Mode Then Stop the Application

After finding dangerous applications that cannot be removed (Unresolved Threats) with Deep Scan, the most accurate way so that the Android phone / tablet does not download the application itself automatically is by stopping the service / application.

The steps are as follows:

  1. The first step is to restart your Android phone then go to Safe Mode, just for the record every brand of android phone will be different when entering Safe Mode but can still be searched on google.
  2. How to enter Safe Mode this time we use a Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 cellphone, first shut down or turn off the phone after that restart again but still Press the power button until the Galaxy Grand logo/writing appears then off power and press volume down until it restarts successfully.
  3. When you have successfully entered Safe Mode, the characteristics are that there will be Safe Mode writing at the bottom left of the cellphone screen.
  4. Then look for applications that must be stopped based on the results of the ESET scan earlier, in this case for us it is Firewall Service and Security Service.
  5. The trick is to open the Settings / Settings menu >> go to the ALL tab >> find the one you want to stop >> select Turn Off after finding it >> done. Do this step until all malicious apps stop.
  6. The last step is to restart the cellphone under normal circumstances and then try to check again whether there are still applications that appear and install themselves automatically. However, based on our experience many have succeeded when using this safe mode method,

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A few android tips about how to fix android that downloads itself this time, hopefully can provide benefits for all of us. That is all and thank you ..

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